The Purple attacks of 2017 were a small series of large attacks by the Purple Republic in CPR.


During November 2017 a programmer by the name of Gravix released a video showcasing his new bot program for CPR, in the video, Gravix approached a battle between the Rebel Penguin Federation and The Tubas and interrupting it with multiples bots.

The program quickly caught the attention of the unofficial Purple Republic Discord server, after testing out the program with a raid on the mine shack using multi-colored bots, they officially started their reign of terror.

Their first attack was at the Pizza Parlor, which lasted around 7 minutes, the numerous bots then started spamming E+T until the penguins at the room started logging off due to flash crashing, the attack was extremely successful and damaged the flash of many players and the bots already logged off before the mods could do anything about it.

After this, numerous lesser attacks were launched in CPR's largest servers, causing again, many players to complain about crashing but this time the mods were aware of the situation.

After spending some time "nuking" Blizzard, the Purple Republic decided to target streamers, including the famous Driv3joe, where they peformed numerous spam and swastika formations but this time the mods were fast enough and starting banning them as soon as they caught word of the situation.

After a successful campaign of terror, the Purple Republic started plotting their new attack, this time it was going to be a raid against the Rebel Penguin Federation in their event after Thanksgiving. About one day before the plan would be executed, CPR Admin Stu discovered the program and joined Gravix's server, Stu then went to DDoS the program causing it to crash and no longer work, ultimately ending the Purple Republic's plans to destroy the RPF, after this they went into hiding, never to be seen again.


Thanks to this whole bot attack the CPR team decided to add a captcha to the game so bots would no longer be able to join, Gravix however, tried to create a new program that would bypass through the captcha but ultimately failed.

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