The Rockers are a army of penguins who play electric guitar. The army was made during Music Jam 2010. The army was created by Iyel, Comannder and first leader but it no longer exists.


  • Rockers want to take over major CP armies like the ACP and Nachoz
  • They use electric guitars as weapons
  • They were made at the same time as the Guitars and Tubas
  • It was destroyed on September 3,2010


The Rockers used own the servers or Lands Snow Cone,Yeti, Abominable, Down Under, Blizzard and Mammoth. Snow Cone is mainly where most events in Rokcers history happened such as the 32 Penguin Meeting,Raid of 7/19/10.


uniform for boys:red glasses,red guitar, mowhawk

uniform for girls: deva sunglasses, purple bass,the flutterby

ELITE UNIFOURM: oranger rocker oufit with blue guitar and any hair style

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