The Royal Family of CP (abbreviated as RFoCP) is an active Club Penguin Online army. The army was founded on March 6th, 2019, by the first Royal Family. Since then, the army has undergone several changes in leadership, but has remained strong nonetheless.

The Royal Family takes pride in their precise theming and general kindness within their community.


On March 6th, 2019, the Royal Family came to power for the first time. The first family consisted of a King, Queen, and two Princesses. The family established a variety of roles, including Duke, Duchess, Lord, Court Jester, Countess and Knight. Those who do not serve a role are Townspenguin, who are still beloved by the family. The army continued to recruit and grow throughout the early spring.

The First Departure

In April of that year, Queen Amanda announced a social media break, and went on hiatus from the army. Princess Britney began to take on a higher degree of responsibility, and routinely hosted events. Around this time, Princess Jewel took a hiatus from the server, and future Princess Knightside became the first and only Royal Advisor.

Invasion of Creme Soda

After weeks of disagreement, the Templars and the Royal Family began to battle. After the Templars declared war, Royal Family declared an invasion of Creme Soda in Club Penguin Online. Though the tactics were strong, the Templars brought an ally, the Wild Ninjas, to a promised 1v1 fight. The invasion was unsuccessful. After the invasion, the Royal Family decided to emphasize community over conflict.

The King’s Abdication and Coronation

In May of 2019, King Tiska announced his plans to abdicate the throne during a social media break. Princess Britney resumed his position, and Advisor Knightside saw a promotion to Princess. The duo quickly amassed dozens of new members, and King Tiska returned to his throne shortly after.

On May 27th, 2019, Princess Jewel also returned to serve as princess once again. Later, Knightside resigned from her role to launch the United Force.

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