The Stamppenguins were created by a penguin named Stamppenguin. He got the idea to create an army by finding this wiki. He created the Stamppenguins on Febuary 14th 2019.

Story: The player of Stamppenguin was staying home from school because he had a bad cough. He came across a website titled Club penguin army wiki. This got the player of Stamppenguin the idea to make an army. He titled it The Stampenguins after his penguin. He made The Stamppenguins motto: Gotta collect em all!

Players with 100 stamps or more are allowed to join. Players with 200 stamps or more can lead The Stamppenguins if Stamppenguin is not on.

Best king 58 and Prestonplays are icons for The Stamppenguins for having 294 stamps.

The second Stamppenguin was Randomboy481.

Items needed: Chefs hat, ninja mask, scuba tank, blue hockey jersey, silver surfboard, and red sneakers.

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