The stars is the Club Penguin Army of Star Productions. They want back old Club Penguin, Experimental Penguins and Penguin Chat 3 because they were never there to see it. Not many penguins are in this army, so if any army attacks, they will slip through an escape hatch.The army is prior to dance meetings.


The stars in a certain igloo.


A dance meeting.

The Soldiers

Main article: The stars/Soldiers

Leader and Co-leader:The member leader, star kirby12, and the non-member co-leader, Richperson.

Member Clan:The members of the army.

Non-Member Clan:The Non-members of the army. Much more common than the members.

Kings, Queens and Princesses: The kings, queens and princesses to make sure no army strikes one of their servers.

Kingdom Clan: The guards that help the Kings, Queens and Princesses defend servers.

Vampire Clan: Vampires in order to torture enemies.


Please wear the color Aqua.


An example of the uniform of the stars.

Other Requirements

You should at least have a head item because you can get a mining helmet in the mine cave

You should be an EPF agent or Tour Guide

How to Join

If you want to join:

1: Be star kirby12's buddy and ask if you can join.

2: write a PM to star kirby12 on smackjeeves or a comment to ithinkihave2manytoypictures asking if you can join.

3: Subscribe to starkirby12real's videos on youtube(NOT just starkirby12)

Out of the army

We hope you never have to leave the army but anyway

1: you hack a CP account

2: you write mean comments to star kirby12 or ithinkihave2manytoypictures on smackjeeves or flickr

3: you put down starkirby12real's videos

4: If you want to


Their capitol is Yeti, they don't even care if Ninjas of outback use it for their command outpost.

Their command outpost is Southern Lights.

Their Sub-Capitol is Snowbound.

Their train server is Big Foot.

Their outpost is Zipline.

Their train area is star kirby12's igloo and the Dance Lounge.

Their meeting area is the EPF command room.

Mission statement area is the VR room.

Their restment area is the Dojo.

Their idea-coming-up thinking area is the Stadium.


We now have a Website! Two, actually. and

We have a logo/flag.



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