The stars is the Club Penguin Army of Star Productions. They want back old Club Penguin, Experimental Penguins and Penguin Chat 3 because they were never there to see it. Not many penguins are in this army, so if any army attacks, they will slip through an escape hatch.


A dance meeting.


The stars in a certain igloo.

The Soldiers

Main article: The stars/Soldiers

Leader and Co-leader:The member leader, star kirby12, and the non-member co-leader, Richperson.

Member Clan:The members of the army.

Non-Member Clan:The Non-members of the army. Much more common than the members.

Kings, Queens and Princesses: The kings, queens and princesses to make sure no army strikes one of their servers.

Kingdom Clan: The guards that help the Kings, Queens and Princesses defend servers.

Vampire Clan: Vampires in order to torture enemies.

Uniform and Requirements

An aqua colour penguin, a head item and one must be an EPF agent or Tour Guide.


An example of the uniform of the stars.

The army is assumed dead.



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