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This page will list all the soldiers of The Stars.

Leader and Co-Leader

Star kirby12 and Richperson.

Member Clan

Boby33499, Bieberjustin, B42427, Duyvju

Non-member Clan

00700gold, Me and Human, Richkirby, Human12345, KERBOOMMISTA, Friend Test5, Fanonbot, Tobot X Fan1, Tobot Y Fan2, Tobot Z Fan3

Kings, Queens and Princesses

Shannywanny7, Dancedance91, Ape000, Brittany4046, Melinite, Snowball6062, Discolime1, Twinklepie2

Kingdom Clan

Ninjago3912, Rogerdp45a, Mr Tiny 1, Robinhood 7, 4arms03, Finn8dude, Ninjalemon, Monkeyking27

Vampire Clan


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