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Tuba-RPF War
The Tubas raiding the Dance Club.
Date 6 April 2017 - temporary ceasefire since 12 December 2017
Result none yet - war is ongoing
Casus belli RPF's wish to destroy The Tubas.
The RPF The Tubas
Mr Prussian

The Tuba-RPF War was an ongoing war in Club Penguin Rewritten between The Tuba Army and the Rebel Penguin Federation. The war has been in a state of "temporary ceasefire" since the implementation of Codey's new CPR Army rules. The latest battle between the two armies was on November 30, 2017.


Club Penguin was shut down on March 29, 2017. In response, the armies that had thrived on Club Penguin either collapsed or moved to a CPPS - the most popular of which was Clu Penguin Rewritten. The Rebel Penguin Federation was one of the armies who did this and grew into the largest and most successful army still active. On April 3, the Tuba Army, which had been inactive since 2012, was reborn on Club Penguin Rewritten and quickly amassed a lot of popularity. The Tubas inadvertently started the war on April 6, 2017. RPF Leader Silverburg was on the RPF Capital server, Alaska, when a grew of Tubas "invaded." The Tubas did not know that Alaska belonged to The RPF, and were met with a large group of RPF soldiers who attacked them. The war had officially begun.

The War


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