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The Werewolf was a band started by a user called Zebrahala. Not much is known about them besides what is recorded on this wiki.

"It is Zebrahlala's band. He will either sing songs he has written or by Crush 40, Boys like girls, Fall Out Boy and Calling all the monsters by China Anne Mcclain. He will usually play the guitar and sing; on other occasions, he will drum or dance. He will sometimes call someone up to sing. He mainly plays at the Pizza Parlour."

As mentioned before, the band would play songs by popular bands like Crush 40, Boys Like Girls or Fall Out Boy.

The group would also sing "Calling all the Monsters" by China Anne McClain, popularized by the hit show ANT Farm.

Guitar, singing, drumming and dance all featured and the group would on occasion call someone up to sing. They mainly performed at the Pizza Parlour.

This group appears to be dead.

No reference for the group exists anywhere online besides here at the wiki.