Omega Island is small island which is between servers Outback and Mammoth in Commander Fox9's Outback Saga. Omega Island was first controlled by ACP then after an airial attempt by Ninjas of Outback Commander Fox9 and Froglin2 to kidnap Icey Cold27, Fox and Froglin were shot down, captured, and had some elemental power sucked out of them. But then a rescue team lead by Glacier41 and Butbug1 freed Fox, Froglin and Aqualish9 (he was captured during a solo rescue mission). Glacier and his forces then took over Omega Island and made it into a naval base. In Fox's next book there is a battle between the Ninjas of Outback and the Elemental Vikings who have stolen the Snow Tablet. This battle is a naval one in which Fox and several other ninjas go underwater, board the enemy command ship, and recover the Snow Tablet.


The Deadly Assassin (book) The Stolen Element (book)

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