Tool Box is a former Tuba Gang/Army Leader starting from its beginning. He is responsible for the growth of the post-CP Era Tubas and revival. He served as a tuba during the CP era from 2007-2011 and 2014-2017. After his success in the growth and revival of the Tubas in CPR, he was declared a legend. He would be one of the most notable Tubas in CP history.


Tuba Gang/Army

Tool Box was an old member of the Tuba Gang, he joined the Tuba Gang at the very beginning, and he reached the Co-Leader rank soon. After the shutdown of CP, he recreated the Tuba Gang in CPR, with two other old Tuba Gang leaders, and he earned the Former Leader rank.

Tool Box was the one that reached the highest TG max, hitting a max of 80 troops at one event.


He joined the romans in 2017, as a Tuba Gang ambassador and he helped them till the end. He re-joined their group recently, and he is one of the few members.


After his retirement from the Tuba Gang, he joined the RPM and he served them until the end. After that, he took a break from CP.


In 2018, he decided to re-join the CP armies, and he joined the Templars. He reached the General role.


On 15th of July 2018, Tool Box has decided to retire forever from the CPA, being too old for this community.


  • Tuba Legend
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