The Trollerz Team is a trolling faction from 2008-Present led by BScharbach2. He led from 2011-2014, 2015, 2017-present.

They were a trolling faction against the Nachos and a few other enemies.

Leader History.

CorlStuff [2008-2010]

BScharbach2 [2011-2014], (brief retirement) [2015, 2017-present]

NachoNeutralizer7 [2014-2015]

Steffster1905 [2016]

High Ranks as of 5/28/18.

Grand Admiral: BScharbach2.

Vice Admiral: Roughcut707.

Grand General: Contending.

Enemies: Nachos, Watex Warriors, RPM, PR, Tubas.

Neutral: RPF, EPF, PSA,

Allies: Flying Darts, Snowball Surfers.

The Trollerz Team moved to Roblox in mid 2018 along with the snowball surfers and flying darts

The army's status is unknown.

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