The Tuxedo Rebel Army (TRA) was started by Bobo405 in 2007 during WWIII, when UMA, ACP, and RPF were fighting in the Tuxedo server. The armies were led by Pink Mafias, Oagalthorp and Commando717, respectively. The TRA temporarily helped the ACP and RPF defeat UMA. After the war, ACP and RPF had a dispute over who gets the Tuxedo server. The TRA again stepped up and rebelled against their former allies, in order to end all war in the Tuxedo server. In a surprise to some, the TRA ran the much larger RPF out of Tuxedo, and negotiated peace with the ACP's general Oagalthorp, and the ACP left.

Feeling ambitious, Bobo405 led the TRA to chase the RPF into other servers. However, after a time Bobo405 was convinced by his unknown second-in-command to return home. Bobo405 left control of his army to this same second-in-command. He settled down in Tuxedo and eventually disappeared. It is unknown what happened to the freedom fighters after Bobo405 left. Perhaps other first-hand witnesses will step forward.

With fond memories.

The army is assumed to be dead.

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