UMA Civil War of 2018
Date January 7th, 2018 - January 31st, 2018
Result Reunification of UMA
Casus belli Coup of Ehroyals
NUMA, Supported by: NVA, EGCP, CPC, URP, RAM Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army, Supported by: UMA Crew
Mason Cooper Ehroyals, Games
6 (Peaked), 4 (On Avg) 5 (Peaked), 5 (On Avg)
None None
There was no victor.

The UMA Civil War of 2018 or the UMA Civil War was a civil war between the UMA factions of Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army, backed by the UMA Crew and the New Underground Mafias Army, backed by the New Viking Alliance.


The war began on January 7th, shortly after the War Against Ehroyals. The victors, the New Viking Alliance aimed to puppet UMA by getting UMA second-in-command Mason Cooper to coup Ehroyals from the UMA. Both operations failed, and what resulted was faction based civil war between the NVA-backed NUMA and the UMA Crew-backed EHUMA.

The Raid of Blizzard

On January 22, the NUMA was about to have a training event on Blizzard, when the EHUMA appeared and started attacking them, they maxed 4 while the NUMA maxed 3, after a long battle, the NUMA retreated, ending the first battle of the civil war.

End of war

No further actions were taken within this war. The remaining days of the war was fought through diplomacy until Twitchy543 reunited the two factions back into the single UMA. This saw the end of the war.

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