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Ultipenguinj is an original club penguin army veteran from 2013 who previously and currently leads the Rebel Penguin Federation. He is most notable for being one of the leaders who took over after Elmikey’s removal in 2014 in order to stabilize the army. He is also notable for founding and leading the RPF’s Strike Force, an elite group of troops that go on other CPPSes to fight the good fight. He worked to build up the RPF to new heights as they reached the highest number of troops in an AUSIA event to date and the highest number of troops at an event with 178, surpassing Boomer20's retirement of 150.

Early RPF Leadership (2014)

Work in progress.

Return to RPF Leadership (2019 - 2020)

In June of 2019, Ulti would rejoin for Second in Command and Strike Force Director, a new leader rank for RPF’s Strike Force division that would battle other armies. Ulti regained his past rank of Rebel Commander in August of that same year.  Under him, the army would have consecutive first-place finishes in the weekly Top Ten Armies, win multiple tournaments, and defeat their arch-rivals, the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, in war.  Most notably, Ulti led multiple record-breaking events where the army reached sizes up to 178 and began the reintegration of the RPF as a whole into the army community, achieving CPA Legend in the process. Ulti retired on May 17, 2020, and was awarded RPF Legend for his contributions to the army.

Post-Retirement (2020- )

After Ulti's retirement, he still serves the RPF as an advisor for the army and frequently comes into their chat. He also is an administrator for the greater Rebel Federation, a gaming community complete with website and twitch channel.

Notable Accomplishments

2019 Summer Cup Tournament Winner

RPF Legend

Former Strike Force Director

Best Leader CPA Summer Community Award 2019

CPA Legend 2019

2020 CPAM Premier Tournament Winner