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Ulysses Nardo, referred to as Nardo and formerly known as Onlooking Snow, is a retired S/M army legend and army leader, best known for being one of the leaders of the Romans during its first CPPS generation. Nardo is also the founder of the Onlooking Snow Ninjas, which were formed in 2012, and lead the Nova Phoenix Corps in 2018. He also was a writer at Club Penguin Army Central, a writer at Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central, the CEO of Penguin Press, and the founder of the Club Penguin Army Syndidate.


Early career (2011 - 2013)

Nardo was recruited into the Army of Club Penguin in January 2011, beginning his army career. He reached the rank of Captain before leaving the army. By January 2012, Nardo left the ACP to join the Global Defenders because he was intrigued by their democratic form of government. After spending several months in the Global Defenders, Nardo left during the Operation: Blackout party to found his own army which he dubbed the "Snow Ninjas" (later renamed to the Onlooking Snow Ninjas to avoid confusion with the existing Snow Ninjas which shared its name). The OSN was a different kind of army. It placed a strong emphasis on community and practiced strict isolationism to avoid the toxicity from other armies. It also hosted innovative events that added new and exciting elements to the standard army events to make them more fun and engaging. The OSN grew to average 10–15 penguins, and maxed 20–30. This generation would shut down on June 7, 2013, one day after the Card–Jitsu Party of 2013 ended. A few weeks after the closure of the Onlooking Snow Ninjas in June, Nardo would join the Rebel Penguin Federation and spend the remainder of the year in that army.

Middle career (2014 - 2016)

Under construction.

Later career (2017 - 2018)

In January 2017, Nardo heard about Club Penguin's closure. This would prompt him to submit an article to Club Penguin Army Central via the YouWrite column, which encouraged armies to move to NationStates. The article was controversial, prompting Nardo to submit a follow-up article addressing some objections. Eventually, he would apply and get accepted as a CPAC reporter, and he wrote for the website until it closed in March. Following this, Nardo would re-join the RPF and get accepted as a reporter for Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central. He also formed the Club Penguin Army Territory Court around this time, which was meant to be a panel of judges that would resolve territory disputes between armies, but it never got off the ground. After CPRAC died, Nardo went on hiatus.

Return to the community (2017)

Nardo would return in the fall of 2017 to form the Club Penguin Democratic Union of Armies (CPDUA). Nardo hosted regular meetings in the CPDUA Discord server to discuss issues faced by the army community and how to resolve them. Nardo's goal was to make CPDUA into a league, but this failed due to lack of interest. During the CPDUA meetings, Nardo was noticed by Djgtjvgyhxgy, and was offered a leadership position in the Romans. Nardo accepted, and in November 2017 he became the leader. He would be one of Romans' most well-known leaders during this time, and was known for his ability to uphold diplomatic relations and administrative duties. During his leadership, he led the Romans during the War of Roman Subjugation, the CPC-Roman War, and more. Nardo would create the news site Penguin Press around this same time. Penguin Press was rarely posted on, but despite that, its discord server was active and acted as the hub of the army community until it got defaced by the Vice President, Guta.

In early 2018, Nardo would create the Club Penguin Army Syndicate while he was leading Romans. He drafted a constitution, set up a discord server, and soon after most of the army community joined the league. After seeing the success of CPAS, Twitchy543 approached Nardo and proposed that CPAS merges into his server for army veterans, called the Army Lounge, which Nardo would accept the offer. After the merge was complete, Nardo would begin making plans to start another news site called Penguin Central. This didn't happen because in late February Nardo went AWOL. CPAS merging with Army Lounge, in addition to Nardo going AWOL soon after the merge, has created a myth that Twitchy543 founded CPAS, however this is false. On August 11, Nardo returned to the army community and joined the Nova Phoenix Corps for Executive Commander (second-in-command). On August 19, Nardo became the Commander (leader) of the Nova Phoenix Corps. During this same time, Nardo was hired as a reporter for Club Penguin Central, a CPPS reporting site that also posted about armies. The NPC would close at the end of August due to being banned from Club Penguin Online, the main CPPS at the time. After this, Nardo retired from armies. Nardo continues to help advise the current generation of Romans and is apart of their panel of guardians. He would be inducted as a 2017 S/M army legend in September 2020.


  • While Twitchy543 was the main influencer behind moving armies to Discord, Nardo had proposed the same idea in the RPF Xat months earlier in the Spring of 2017.
  • Nardo was the first army leader to create an event pictures channel.

Honorary Titles and Awards

  • 2017 S/M Army Legend (September 2020)