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The Underground Mafias Army, better known as the UMA, is an army founded on January 8, 2007 by Pink Mafias (who was famed for his Club Penguin Cheats blog and his Club Penguin hacking tutorials). The army would see several peaks and make several returns. It would be the first army revived for Club Penguin Rewritten and the second army in Club Penguin Rewritten Armies.

Club Penguin Era (2006–2017)

The Underground Mafias Army was beginning its formation in 2006, but was officially formed in January 8th, 2007. It was the successor to the Pink Mafias Army.

Beginning (2006-2007)

The Underground Mafias Army was beginning its foundation in 2007, under the creation of Pink Mafias, a CP Cheats Blogger. By January 8th, 2007, it was officially organized, with a new post on joining it. The army was organized with ranks, Admiral (Leader), General (2ic), Commander (3ic), Sergeant, Private, Kamikaze, Special Forces, and Bounty Hunter. Pink would gain recruits using hack tutorials. UMA attacked Mammoth frequently, which was spotted by many. Oagalthorp stumbled upon this army. He decided to look into and realized they were teaching hack tutorials. He managed to reach out to the UMA high command, informing them that if they don't stop hacking that they will declare war. The officer simply replied with "Bring it on". UMA accepted this war. This war would be known as World War III. UMA quickly got an alliance with the Nachos and Club Penguin United Nations Space Commission. ACP tried to fight off UMA at first, but this would fail. After several discussions, ACP convinced UMA to agree with a seize fire. ACP would grow and influence itself behind their back. On May 8th, the 4th month anniversary of UMA operating, a Rebellion would occur in the UMA, known as the Rebel Penguin Federation, led by Commando717. The Rebellion was influenced by Oagalthorp convicing Commando that the hacking was wrong. Meanwhile this was happening, Pink Mafias was banned forever on CP, him having to make a new account named Uma pm. The seize fire would end when ACP attacked UMA. UMA would be beat and the UMA would slowly fall. Pink Mafias vanished during the ending parts of the war, leaving Mpenguin to lead. By June 23rd ACP destroyed the last bit of UMA at the Battle of Wool Socks, Mpenguin surrendered the UMA shortly after. The UMA would fall into a depression.


UMA fighting in the dojo, 2007.

Reconstruction 2007-2009

After World War III, UMA would focus on rebuilding itself. It would participate in World War IV and win. UMA would be unable to hit its sizes it did during the beginning of the army. Afterwards UMA would fight on against several other armies, including ACP. After the Rebuild Project the UMA began to collapse once again. It would lose a war against the ACP and be back stabbed by the Nachos. The army would become an army of the past.


World War IV, 2008.

The Golden Ages (2009-2013)

UMA began a swift return under new leaders. The army would rise into a golden age becoming one of the dominant armies to not be messed with. This would all collapse in late 2009. It would only hit the size of 4 at some events. The army would begin to die almost completely. Eventually Wgfv returned in April 2010. He demanded leader, but was rejected. A civil war broke out. Wgfv would win and become the new leader and a new golden age would come about. This golden age would see communism under his reign. The Orange Wars would see a UMA victory and a UMA dominance in the community. UMA would stay strong all the way until 2012. It would then begin the collapse completely. In the summer of 2012 UMA would return to become one of the powerful armies. It would get high in the finals and crush several armies in wars. The only war lost was against ACP. In the summer of 2013 UMA would rise into another golden age, this golden age would see it hit number 2 in CPAC and defeat ACP in another war.


Neo-Wgfv/Daniel Era, 2013.

Final Years (2014-2017)

With the Rebuilding Project underway the high command found itself restructured. A new leadership was combined, this leadership consisted of Lild423, Vetsd, SuperPaco24 & Tacodaily. This leadership was thriving in success, and in just under a week the UMA were maxing 25-30 troops on Club Penguin! But unfortunately, this leadership wasn’t to stay.. Lild ad Vetsd went on temporary leave and Taco and Paco became very lazy. After this, the UMA dropped a bit but were kept afloat by the new leadership of Draco Joe, Coolster114 and Lootking. All 3 leaders returned to lead UMA after the previous leadership left them in a mess and soon enough, UMA was averaging 15-20 troops at every event. The UMA went to war with the Miners army in late January, and ended up killing the Miners off. This caused the Miners to merge into the Water Vikings which got UMA caught up in another war; except, this one was more tricky. The UMA ended up tying in the war, and resumed its attempt to rise. As the days passed, the UMA got bigger, and in the middle of February, the Miners Army returned. The Miners Army was under the same leaders again and this ended up in another UMA – Miners war. In the spring of 2014 the army would begin to slightly rise a bit. It would later fall in a depression after the UMA defeated the Nachos. Wgfv was able to officially return to help again, as he was an inactive leader for a while. UMA would rise up again. In the late Spring of 2014 the UMA would begin to come back. During this time, they consistently had 25+, and even hit 4th on CPAC. A war with the Light Troops heated up, where we beat them 22–2, taking all of their servers. Things were looking good for UMA. UMA would later fall after a long cold war with the Dark Warriors. The newly formed UMA Squad (later UMA Crew) would consist of tons of veterans. UMA would come back operating on some CPPSes. UMA would become a powerful army yet again. During the ending parts of UMA there was nothing really left. It began to die in 2017. It would have Ehroyals as a Second in Command, he would go on to be a future legend. UMA would close officially around the time of March with a post by Wgfv. UMA was shut down for good, or as it seemed.


UMA fighting ACP, 2014.

Club Penguin Rewritten (2017–2018)

The original UMA died with the shutdown of Club Penguin on March 29, 2017, however, a new CPPS was created called Club Penguin Rewritten. At the time, there was a certain speculation as to whether or not the army community should branch out to other CPPSes, but while most of the original armies died, the UMA didn't and was resurrected on Club Penguin Rewritten. Other original armies like the Nachos, Redemption Force, Dark Knight Empire, Pink Ninjas, and the Club Penguin Crew had also transitioned to the CPPS. The UMA was revived by Ehroyals and Zeke/Fudge on March 28, 2017, one day before Club Penguin died.

Early Times (March 2017 - Summer 2017)

When Ehroyals and Zeke revived the UMA they quickly declared war on the CPR Mafia. The UMA got recruits such as Proski after heated arguments on the Mafia chat with CPRM leader Sweglord and more. The UMA easily defeated the CPM in 2 battles and won the war. The UMA maxed 7 in the battle while the Mafia maxed 3-4. The UMA would go on the max 10+ in the next event. Things were looking promising for them. The next event they maxed 25. Later Proditor and Smurf joined UMA to lead, they were colonized under the Rangers. Ehroyals had 2ic and Zeke had 3ic. Eventually the Rangers died out and were colonized under the DKE during their first stint on CPR. However, they maxed around 5 and quickly died out. UMA had conflicts with an army called the PEW. They often falsely claimed victory whenever they felt like it. The UMA were at war an easily destroyed them with little effort and they died out. UMA had many colonies, such as the Barbarians, Red Comrades, Valkries, Moon Agents and more. Zeke left the army. The UMA remained alive under Ehroyals. They came back on the right foot, maxing 5-6. The next events they maxed 11-12. Just like before, they just died out and didn't recruit at all, maxing 3 at some events. They were brought back by Ehroyals multiple times, with most of them Zeke also returning and leading alongside him. UMA would suffer heavy losses to size and morale. In October, UMA became the new Romans. This did not last long.

Uma spring 2017

UMA in Spring of 2017.

The Depression (November 2017 - January 2018)

UMA would come back towards November of 2017. This was after the leaders of the Romans got mad. UMA would return. This would begin clearly until the conflict game, the War of Roman Subjugation.

War of Roman Subjugation

After a while, the Roman Emperor, Djgtjvgyhxgy would declare war on the Dark Knight Empire and UMA. This would start the War of Roman Subjugation. This would see the alliance/semi-army of UMADKE. The war would end once the Romans ended their relations with the New Viking Alliance. They would declare victory with DKE. Afterwards, they would leave the NVA.

UMADKE-Mafia War

On December 29th, 2017, SavageCobra the Dark Knight Empire's Grand Emperor, declared war on the CPPS Mafia and UMA did also. This started the UMADKE-CPPS Mafia War. The war would simply end with a UMADKE Victory. During this war, this also saw Cobra join the UMA and rise to be a Captain.

Civil War (January 2018)

After the War Against Ehroyals, Ehroyals was couped by oharaisbae (Mason Cooper). This would occur with a civil war, between the Mason led New Underground Mafias Army and the Ehroyals led Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army. It would see some action between each other, but very few action. The war would end when Twitchy543 merged the both armies back into the UMA.


NUMA event, January 29th, 2018.

The Brief Return (February 2018)

UMA would return after being united from maxing 5-6 to maxing 8-13. It would become stronger and well known, this was because of the recruiting strategies made by Mason. UMADKE would make a brief return. UMA would declare war on DKE, thus ending UMADKE. DKE would merge into the Romans. After this the Romans declared war on the UMA.

UMA-Romans War

The Romans would declare war on the UMA for attacking DKE, which became the heart of the Romans. UMA would get almost beaten by this, losing its territory capture and territory it had before, but the Treaty of Blizzard was signed. Afterwards UMA would declare war on EGCP.


UMA yelling "Coup Cobra", leader of Romans at the time.

War against EGCP

UMA would then declare war on EGCP. This war would last for a while, and be victorious for EGCP, but UMA would put up a great fight.

Pullout of CPAS and Death

UMA would then pull out of CPAS, afterwards UMA would begin to die. It would shut down in late February, thus ending UMA. This was thought to be a permanent end, but it managed to return.

The Great Rise and Fall (June 2018-November 2019)


UMA's Great Return. July 17th, 2018.

On June 30th, 2018, UMA would return and hold its first event. It would max around 9. UMA would later switch to Club Penguin Online. It would begin to return and hit decent sizes. UMA would become another primary army in Club Penguin. It would declare war on the ETA. ETA wouldn't accept it so they surrendered. UMA joined up RPF to fight against the Templars on July 13th. They yet to have any more actions. Afterwards UMA would start to max higher. UMA would become another strong army.

However, the revival would go on to crash, triggered by the departure of leader Justinfortsa, August 19th 2018 and would cease activity.

Another revival was announced November 17th and hosted its first event December 8th. This revival would also fail. A new revival was announced Feb 25th 2019. It would see events throughout March before also becoming inactive and dying.

UMA march 2019 2ndpng

A recruitment event dated 2nd March 2019 from one of the revivals.

The most recent revival to date was commenced November 10th 2019, within the CPA community. It saw five days of activity before again failing. The shutdown was confirmed 27th November in a post:

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