The United Armies of Club Penguin are an organization that specializes in small and smaller medium sized armies. It was made by the penguin Gatorfan999. Not much was known about UACP until their creator (Gatorfan999) posted a comment on the FFACP website. They got hacked and it is said that their website is being rebuilt, but according to WordPress it says that they deleted their site.


UACP was founded in July 7th, 2012 by Gatorfan999. He created a website on the site hoster WordPress like many other armies and Club Penguin related oraganization are made on, but the account was hacked and the page was deleted. The site is said to be rebuilt by Doodygirl1 and Blupichu. The site that is no longer available but was once the URL of the site is

Other Information

UACP was and is one of the Largest Army Corporations in Club Penguin. UACP is a member of CPUN.

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