Hello Penguins. I am Facless Woman, the leader of the United Penguin Force! We are an Army based in the game Club Penguin Rewritten. We are Based in the server ascent. We are looking for new recruits. We hope you will join us on Ascent and we will go to war with others if necessary. We welcome all to apply just email me and don't forget to join our discord.


We are a Communist army where the leader is the General, is in charge of all operation. Under him are Lieutenants which are appointed by the General. Under Lieutenants are sergeants which are appointed by the Lieutenants. Under Sergeants are privates which are people who join and don't get a rank.


Our History begins on February 27th 2019, when our leader Faceless Woman created our army after trying to find the right one. After a few hours it was decided that it was time a new army should be set forth to free the Penguins of our Island.




Faceless Woman


Our uniform is the blue hoodie with the snowboard design, the drums with drumsticks, the miners helmet, and an optional puffle.

If you join you will be rewarded so don't hesitate. Your comrades need you. All who support the words of Marx is accepted. WE ARE ACTIVE!

email to apply,      


Created 2/27/19


Population 1

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