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The United Republic of Penguins (URP) was an army primarily known for its presence in the CPPS community from July 2017 to February 2018. Its later leaders founded the NVA, and was partially responsible for the growth of anti-RPF beliefs, specifically Neocoetism, in the Army community. The Army is now declared defunct since June 2019, after a renaming to the Crimson Liberation Front for a short period before merging into the Lime Green Army in June 2019.

NOTICE: The URP's page is currently being reworked and historically elaborated on as of current. The stages of the reworking are as follows:

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Much of the United Republic of Penguins' history has been very loosely documented throughout various wiki pages. However, a primary source for the history of the United Republic of Penguins has been preserved here. While much of its historical documentation will be revised and updated to more accurately represent the entirety of the history of the URP, the existing historical information will be updated alongside this framework.

(Much of the army's history has been quoted from a now-defunct website for the United Republic of Penguins.)

Generation I: The Rule of Manifest Red

Pre-history of the URP

Much of the United Republic of Penguin's original founding beliefs formed around the central dynamics of Armies after the shutting down of Club Penguin. During this time, the Rebel Penguin Federation had been the primary army among the community, specifically focusing on Club Penguin Rewritten. During this time the only enemy of the RPF were the Tubas, one of the first "rogue" armies of the new frontier of armies. During this time, these two armies displayed the dynamics of two new models of armies: traditional armies, such as the RPF, and "rogue" armies, which had a decentralized and spontaneous nature to them.

Before the URP arrived, Xat was also the most utilized resource of armies for chat and organization, having been a staple for all armies (and in many ways single-handedly justifying the chatroom service's existence during the peak of Armies) since the beginning of CP Armies. However, many had felt this service to be largely defunct and obsolete, and found Discord to be a much more powerful and effective chat to use in army business. A much more prevailing debate over the usage of Discord had begun to surface in the RPF during the Spring of 2017, marking another large shift for the army community during this time.

The United Republic of Penguins was formed during the crux of these two large factors and shifts in the army community. Much of its founding ideology had been largely formed due to the growing debate over Discord's usage (which made the army originally develop a Discord server before creating a website), as well as responding to the growing influence of a single army (RPF), considering rogue armies had not received the level of organization that was necessary to fully exact its power in terms of size and omnipresence among Club Penguin Rewriten. Manifest Red would go on to become the primary author on these thoughts, oftentimes marking the specific ideological preferences for the army.

Era 1.1 - The Founding Era

Manifest Red, along with three other RPF low-ranking members (Nullify, Josh2Posh4U, and 40Doom), would go on to form the United Republic of Penguins in response to the growing influence of the RPF, and the need for Discord to become the primary method by which Armies communicate. Furthermore, an ideological tenet brought upon by founding member Nullify, the army sought to seek its governance and placement within the larger community as a multifaceted army, not solely focused on the military actions of the army. On the night of May 23rd, 2017, the four founding members would establish the army and further flesh out its development largely out of the eye of others, most notably the Rebel Penguin Federation. The URP would go on to obtain 13 members during this time, very few of which would go on to participate in the later eras.

Important developments for the United Republic of Penguins during this time was the establishment of Discord and the founding principles of the URP. Manifest Red and Nullify would go on to develop leadership experience the two of them would not originally have, and oversee the slow start of the army through hardship and concern about alerting other armies of the growth of another. The other two founders, Josh2Posh4U and 40Doom, would go on to slowly disappear from the army, having eventually died down in activity in response to the lowrering activity during this era.

By mid-June 2017, the army had received immensely lower activity, resulting in an overall lowering of disinterest in the URP, and the falling out between the army and its members. This would, in effect, force the army to restart, now only with very few assisting members in its later revival.

Era 1.2 - The Era of Populism

July 4th, 2017, would become an immensely important date for the United Republic of Penguins, as many of the developments in this time would go on to set the stage for the rest of the army to develop. During this time, the United Republic of Penguins would develop its cultural identity, involve itself in the broader community, as well as develop the internal politics that would mark much of its history. (Historian's note: This era is criminally underwritten in the history of the United Republic of Penguins, most largely due to the nature of much of its information still being hidden by its founders and those involved. While this may not be the full case, the entirety of this era would not see fruition in its history. I will try my best to write this era to its fullest extent.)

The desire for the two remaining founders (Nullify and Manifest) to develop the URP would go on to require the two of them to create connections to the larger community, as well as develop the army in a fashion that would allow it to gain traction and community. This would bring Manifest to go into the RPF Discord server and attempt a troopstealing effort. While this would not prove fully successful, this did allow the army to gain the attention of army community members Fluo and Zeke. Fluo would go on to serve in the United Republic of Penguins while Zeke would undertake an advisory role. These four would begin to lay down the foundation for the URP's schematics during this time.

The URP would first begin to establish itself as a primarily oligarchical-republic. Initial plans were made to create a system of elected members of the army, but these would not come to fruition. There would also be votes on all major decisions, in order to ensure that the army itself would have a say in the major events and diplomacies of the army. Furthermore, the infrastructure of the army would be developed further during these beginning days of the new era. A website would be created after a need for one was expressed by Zeke, in which he would take a publishing role on this new site. Manifest would make various editorials on the site, with one notable editorial that would later be deleted. The army would also join the Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central (CPRAC) in order to get connected to other armies. This would allow the army to make diplomatic relations with the Pirates of CPR, Wild Ninjas, Underground Mafias Army, Cryptic Spies, and the Acids. Much of the infrastructural developments would also create the URP's geopolitical relationships.One of which would be marked by a clash between the founder of the URP, Manifest Red, and Security, the Editor-In-Chief of CPRAC.

Manifest Red would go on to respond to a written declaration of the continuation of the Great Tuba War criticizing the RPF for their actions regarding Tuba battling, which would go on to highlight the clear and (according to Manifest) unjust advantages of the RPF, such as a far more superior organizational ability, robust support from being able to devote such a large army to a single effort, and the very nature of the RPF at the time. This opinion piece would largely also outline many of the proto-Neocoetist arguments among armies in the summer of 2017. This opinion piece would also begin a boycott of CPRAC for this action, as Security primarily authored the original declaration. A private deal would later be made between Security and Manifest Red, in which she would become a reporter in CPRAC in return for her deleting the opinion post. Manifest would only private the post.

During this time, two primary developments occured for the army. The first of which, the developments of the army on the front-end, would show prowess in the S/M army community during this time as the URP would begin to hold and defend land on the CPRAC map. This interest in developing the nation of the army had begun to stir relations between the Acids and the URP. While this may be considered a rivalry between the two armies, no official declaration of rivalry was made. Diplomatic relationships between UMA and URP would also begin to develop.

The second relationship was the development of the URP was the relationship between Sidika Ghazi and Manifest Red. Sidika Ghazi, having found the leader to be an ally in ideological desires, would encourage and assist Manifest in creating a very discrete division of the URP (which would later form into the United Republic of Penguins Vanguard) focused on intelligence gathering, with two primary enemies: Security and the Rebel Penguin Federation. This development would create a later platform for Sidika Ghazi.

Feeling as though the army itself could not effectively gather a force to fight the Rebel Penguin Federation, Sidika and Manifest had worked to help develop The Great Alliance, an anti-RPF mega-alliance with the namesake of the alliance that fought the ACP in prior army history. Utilizing the developing diplomatic relations between other armies, Manifest would use her relationship with the Cryptic Spies and the Pirates of CPR to join the alliance. The UMA, a historical enemy of the RPF, would join afterwards, as well as a pledge from a Wild Ninjas leader to join the alliance as well. Security would catch wind of this alliance and attempt to work alongside it. Security would later make the alliance known in a public post to the CPRAC website under the context of the Summer Tournament in 2017 that would replace the Summer Circuit tournament. However, after infighting, the alliance would dissolve and the URP would move on to other issues.

Era 1.3 - Imperialist Era

The Imperialist Era would be one of the shorter eras of the first generation of the URP. During this time, the domestic growth and aggressiveness of the URP as an army was the primary focus of its actions. The army would go on to employ strategies to help bolster numbers quickly by inciting rogue-like recruitment strategies and develop more militant events in order to increase sizes and activity overall. While this became a very active period of time, it would also be the final high period in the history of the United Republic of Penguins under Manifest.

The United Republic of Penguins would go on to invoke a short war with the Acids on August 20th, 2017. This war only saw one battle and far more out-of-game antagonisms during the war. The URP had no casus belli for the war other than a simple desire to declare war; this would bring on the ire of leaders such as Moo and Felicityfox. Concerns for the relationship between the Acids and the URP became a concern for the army, and thus would put an end to the war.

The United Republic would also establish its secret intelligence branch known as the URP Vanguard. It did not receive any public attention and would be primarily the intelligence branch associated with the actions between Sidika Ghazi and Manifest prior. The members of this Vanguard would evolve over time, but originally started as Manifest Red, Nullify, StubbornJedi, NotPolitical, and Sidika Ghazi. This is where many of the internal controversies between the original intelligence efforts would occur and would ultimately be a large catalyst for the final era of the first generation. The United Republic of Penguins would recruit notable members during this period such as Yutyocraft, who would be responsible for the creation of the United Republic's main logo.

Era 1.4 - The Fall of Manifest Red

Much of the final era would begin largely after the decline of Manifest Red's mental health and extremely controversial actions that would occur across the board. This era would ultimately find itself to be a critical development in the transition from the URP to a later Romans merge, as the end of this era would leave the army mostly restless with very little overall support from its members.

One of the more notable problems within this era was the development of the Peace Protection Union from Yutyocraft, an union of small armies that primarily geared itself to undermining the United Republic of Penguins due to Yutyo's disillusionment with the army and its leadership schematics that arose after absence of Manifest Red. This rebellion would ultimately see very few members, and would be poorly led. Despite an immediate declaration of war from PPU and practice events with several then-small parties like Angel Army, Element Nations, Elites and Dark Knights, no battles would be fought after PPU surrendered due to confirmed alliances from the Underground Mafias Army and the Acids in dealing with the PPU rebellion. Members of the PPU would not return to the URP and many members including Yutyo never returned to any cp armies.

While this was a defining moment, it was not the ultimate catalyst of the issues. Manifest Red, having her account stolen at the time and having her personal life messed with, ultimately decided to leave the army in the hands of whoever was left to rule. Many of the actions she took during this period were drastic and illogical, and oftentimes self-destructive. This would result in the loss of interest of members such as NotPolitical and various other URP members at the time, as the drama within the URP and the URP Vanguard overtook the focus of the army. This would leave Sidika Ghazi and Nullify to become the primary leaders of the United Republic of Penguins.

Generation II: The Rule of Sidika Ghazi

Era 2.1 - The Fall of URP, Conditions for Romans Merge

After the leaving of Manifest from the United Republic of Penguins, the army had a very weakened state among its remaining leaders. During this time, the primary leaders of the URP had been StubbornJedi, Nullify, and Sidika Ghazi -- the remaining members of the URP Vanguard -- and largely still somewhat involved with the Brotherhood, an organization with very little known information outside of small testimonials from those involved. The URP would go on to spend a large amount of its remaining time doing very little in terms of actual activity come September 2017.

The drop in activity that naturally comes with the fall had also affected the URP. Much of its activity would not only be affected by the fallout with Manifest, but also the overall fall draught of new members that would affect the community as a whole. While other armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation would be more than capable of surviving this draught, even they would be affected by reaching much lower maxes in comparison to the summer. This time would see the creation of other armies such as the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, which would be much later important to the eventual growth of the United Republic of Penguins.

However, the return of the Romans as a CPPS army around mid-October would prove the most important condition during this time. Many notable army figures, such as Games, Zeke, SavageCobra, and Twitchy543 would emerge from the Romans, and either solidify their relation to or eventually taper off from the URP. It would not be long before Twitchy543 would propose a merge between the URP and Romans, which was ultimately accepted. The earliest documented event that members of the defunct URP would attend for the Romans was on October 14th, 2017.

Era 2.2 - The Romans-URP Merge

While the United Republic of Penguins would not be a proper entity during this time, many of their members would be still substantial in the history of the Romans. This era of time mostly spanned the period of October to December 2017, when the eventual leaders of the army would split from the Romans and catalyse many of the conditions for the War of Roman Subjugation.

During this time, Moonlocks (or Doctor Calamus) would become a prevalent figure in the development of the dynamics between the prior interests of the United Republic of Penguins and the Romans. A possible associate of Sidika Ghazi, the figure would go on to be a prominent figure in the later stages of the Romans-URP merge. Ulysses Nardo, a previous associate of Sidika Ghazi and Manifest Red both, would also take prominence in the army before the War of Roman Subjugation.

Sidika Ghazi would prove an immensely controversial figure within the Romans leadership. She would eventually go on to post on the Romans site regarding the Rebel Penguin Illuminati theory on Noveber 13th, 2017, which would prove extremely detrimental to the RPF and Romans' relations. The claim would be deleted and responded to the next day by Twitchy543, an ex-RPF leader and Romans leader at the time. This would result in the firing of Sidika Ghazi and the replacement of her by Ulysses Nardo. This would become a casus belli for the URP's un-merging and eventual war with the Romans. SavageCobra would become an assisting member on the side of the United Republic of Penguins by the time December had arrived, marking the beginning of a period of war between the URP and Romans.

During this time, the URP would have a very different appearance than the prior generations. Its previous leaders, Manifest Red (who was at this time not present whatsoever) and Nullify, would be taking a much more passive role in the army. The main leadership arose from the leader Moonlocks and SavageCobra, with StubbornJedi also playing an important role in the revitalization of the army. Nullify's presence as less of a military leader and more of a diplomatic leader would create the dynamic that would play out in the third generation of the United Republic of Penguins.

Generation III: The Rule of Moonlocks

Pre-history of the URP's Third Generation

Sometime in this generation the URP would see the disappearance of Sidika Ghazi. While she would be occasionally relevant to some of the intelligence aspects of the United Republic of Penguins, this would be the last major role Sidika would play in the United Republic of Penguins' history. Much of the URP's presence in the community had been more or less reformed through their experience in the Romans merge; both the identity of the army as well as the infrastructure of its organization would change drastically, as well as taking more concrete steps towards utilizing rogue army tactics in developing the well-being of the army. This period would see the URP's largest overall member count despite little to no major changes in the max size.

The events of the third generation took place during a turning point in the First Rewritten Cold War. Much of the attention was on the Romans during this period, particularly the new alliance of UMADKE. The Romans would otherwise face pressure from both the United Republic of Penguins alongside the UMADKE, which would catalyze some of the most integral developments in the history of the United Republic. Standing alliances with the Acids would prove reformed during this period, as well as the internal structure of the RPF undergoing massive changes, with the development of Elmikey's coup and the creation of the Rebel Penguin Marines. This would go on to solidify the United Republic of Penguins' importance in the development of the third stage of the First Rewritten Cold War.

Era 3.1 - URP Rebellion from the Romans

The United Republic of Penguins would go on to begin to wage war against the Romans on December 2nd, 2017. This war would ultimately align the United Republic with the soon-developed efforts of the alliance between the Underground Mafias Army and the Dark Knight Empire. The war would inevitably be short-lived, however, with attention being placed on the two aforementioned armies in a dual declaration of war against both by the Romans. Due to the cancellation, the United Republic would go on to be an independent army once more.

The army would remain relevant to the matter, however, as the New Viking Alliance would begin to form on December 6th, 2017, after the Dark Knight Empire sought an alliance with the army during the War of Roman Subjugation. This would inevitably result in the close-knit alliance between the then-developed UMADKE alliance and the newly-formed NVA. As the alliance grew, the United Republic led the alliance through the ongoing war, resulting in the development of a new sphere of influence defined by this alliance. The alliance's legacy was felt throughout the remainder of 2017 until Fall 2019.

Era 3.2 - The Era Nova

With the United Republic of Penguins now solidly led by Moonlocks and Nullify, the army would continue to grow into the later half of the United Republic's second peak. During this period, the army would grow into its own under the new command of the leadership. The early portion of the Era Nova was defined by actions during early January 2018 onward, in which the army would remain active into the War Against Ehroyals and the UMA Civil War. Many of the actions taken by the army occurred through the NVA, in which the army's influence would inevitably wane over the alliance.

It is understood that Manifest Red, now operating under the name Hopmizz, would make a brief return to the United Republic as a high-command member. Upon Manifest's return, however, relevant underground operations would supposedly go underway, with correspondances between Cobra, Moonlocks, Ulysses Nardo, and the leader of an unknown group known as the Brotherhood continuing. Inevitably, these matters resulted in Manifest's frustration and eventual leaving of the United Republic once more.

Era 3.3 - The Disappearance of Moonlocks

During this time, Moonlocks had become disillusioned with the army community and had left for NationStates, another browser game which focused on simulating geopolitics. Due to this, the United Republic of Penguins would fall into another lull of inactivity as remaining leadership would prove to remain inactive.

Generation IV: The Rule of Yuno and the End of The United Republic of Penguins

Era 4.1 - The United Republic in Destitution

Wars participated in

  • (Various stages) First Rewritten Cold War
  • Late July 2017; Unnamed Invasion of the Acids - URP victory (initially), Acids victory (later).
  • August 20th, 2017 - Unnamed War between the Acids and URP - Truce, alliance between URP and Acids removed
  • December 2nd, 2017 - December 5th, 2017 - Rebellion from the Romans - URP Secession, Roman cancellation of war
  • December 5th, 2017 - December 9th, 2017 War of Roman Subjugation - Victors undeclared
  • January 7th, 2018 - War Against Ehroyals - New Viking Alliance victory
  • January 7th, 2018 - January 22nd, 2018 - UMA Civil War - Assisting role (under New Viking Alliance), Reunification of the UMA

Notable Members of the United Republic of Penguins

While the United Republic of Penguins did not have an internal Legends structure, many of their members made a large impact on its presence in the URP. These members have been added here to further highlight what history may not fully encapture.


The uniform changed across multiple versions of the United Republic. Initial versions (May 2017-September 2017) of the uniform found inspiration from the various uniforms of previous armies prior to the end of Club Penguin, in which the colour Blue was selected as the primary colour of the uniform. Initial drafts of the uniform primarily contained a general theme of a blue colour with red highlights.

A replication of the original draft uniform in May-June 2017.

URP Draft Uniform 2.png

Eventually, the uniform would settle on a general theme, in which EPF items were used alongside viking helmets and other distinctive blue and red items, with Manifest Red herself utilizing gold theming and an admiral's coat in order to signify her leadership:

A variant on the URP uniform used during May 2017-October 2017.

URP Uniform 1-2.png

Another variant on the URP uniform used in May 2017-October 2017.

URP Uniform 2-2.png

The variant of the URP uniform Manifest Red wore in May 2017-October 2017.

URP Manifest's Uniform 2.png

Sometime after the revival of the United Republic of Generations in its third generation, the army switched to a more simplistic uniform that allowed the army to capitalize on the principle of rogue armies, allowing for an easily replicable and memorable uniform. The army initially decided to plan its various symbols around the tree costume, but allowed for variance depending on the situation.