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NOTE: As before, my retirement doesn't mean I'm leaving the wiki or my role as bureaucrat. Dino is the primary bureaucrat in charge right now but I am still around to help out where needed and will try and edit where I can.

20th April 2021

Hi, I go by Annon- CPA [Don't ask] and I work on the wiki. I also used the abc61218 account.

Over time, I've gone by quite a few names here in armies:

abc61218 [2017]

The Reporter [2018]

Annon [2018-2019]

DEF246 [2019]

Rowan Alden [2019-]

Wikiboy [2019-2021]

Gabriel Laurent [2020]

Attai [2020]

But most commonly, I go by Rowan Alden on Discord.

I've been in armies since December 2017 and retired for good from armies on the 18th April 2021.

I haven't been around as much as others but I've seen a lot in my time in the community, from watching the Elmikey RPF drama unfold as it happened [even being in the discord server when it crashed after an attack was launched on it and the RPF website [it's a long story]], talking with him a few times in his discord and watching him fall even further.

I saw the initial rise of the Templars and reported on World War VII here on the wiki and also did the analysis on it! I was there for the one major fight that happened and saw it all go down.

In more recent times, Cpworld2001, better known as Flen these days, got me into the new CPA community and I've been there ever since. It's an interesting bunch with armies like the RPF and the EGCP being there along with newer faces like the RFCP.

I was with RFCP for a good amount of time and it changed me in a lot of ways. I met some great people in there, but I also found a real monster. More on him elsewhere.

Went on a break [announced as retirement at the time] throughout March 2020 in order to try and sort out my mental health.

I was in PIC in April as the UK head and although I only got to lead one event, it was a real blast! I loved PIC and they're great people.

I retired completely 19th April 2020.

For personal reasons, I abandoned my Gabriel Laurent account on the 19th April 2020 for a new account called Attai, on which I continued in PIC before finally retiring in June. After retirement from armies for a few months, I returned to PIC early August as a leader! I co-founded Tamales with PIC and WT leaders and that was a jam for a bit.

From October 2020 to 25th January 2021 I advised for RFCP before finally quitting the army and reaching final conclusions concerning it and Prior Bumble.

I was offered Deputy Director in ProSect in February of 2021 and I still hold the position today, although I will no longer be providing posts for the organisations due to my retirement.

I won't be leaving the wiki, I plan to still be semi-active here.

In my time within CPA I have been in:

RPF: December 2017, January/February 2018

RFCP: 8th September 2019- 12th January 2020

PIC 4ic, 3ic: April 2020-June 2020

PIC leader: 4th August 2020-16th August 2020

Tamales leader/founder: 16th August 2020- 1st September 2020

PIC 4ic [again lol]: 2nd January 2021- March 2021

CPA Wiki Editor: 15th July 2018-

ProSect Deputy Director- February 2021-

Life goes on!

My Blog Posts

Recently, we disabled the blog post function on the wiki. I do have a few notable things saved in them, you can find them at this link: ☀