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Club Penguin Army Wiki

Hi, I go by Annon- CPA [Don't ask] and I work on the wiki. I usually go by Rowan Alden on Discord [although the account I check nowadays concerning Armies stuff has a different name].

I've been in armies since December 2017 and retired for good from actively being in armies on the 18th April 2021. I retired from running the wiki at the end of 2021. More about my history is available on my wiki page.

I want to keep editing the wiki once in a while whenever I have nothing else to do, but I'm not interested in following modern day army politics. I did it for a long time and it was very draining emotionally. But, I am still reachable on my Gabriel Laurent account or via my message wall here if you need any help or advice regarding editing the wiki.

Good luck and best wishes in the future.

P.S: I've written a ton of blog posts with some helpful resource and advice I've picked up over the years. Check my blogs for those.

In my time within CPA I have been in:

RPF: December 2017, January/February 2018

RFCP: 8th September 2019- 12th January 2020

PIC 4ic, 3ic: April 2020-June 2020

PIC leader: 4th August 2020-16th August 2020

Tamales leader/founder: 16th August 2020- 1st September 2020

PIC 4ic [again lol]: 2nd January 2021- March 2021

Active CPA Wiki Editor: 15th July 2018- Late 2021

ProSect Deputy Director- February 2021- Summer 2021

Life goes on.

My Blog Posts

Before the opening of discussion forums, blog posts were primarily used to communicate updates and express opinions on wiki development. Some of mine are saved at the link below, although most of them are still available and I've kept using the blog function after re-enabling it.