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54x is a well known soldier in Club Penguin Armies. Joining in 2006, he is often thought to be the "father of Club Penguin Armies." Originally around for the Color Wars (WWI), which were thought to be the earliest form of armies, 54x banded the color clans together into organized armies, thus creating some of the first Club Penguin Armies. 54x is thought to have been the mysterious leader of the original Blue Clan (the clan that Oagalthorp was thought to have fought under). 54x is a Club Penguin Army Legend and was one of the most prominent figures to come about in the community.

World War I/Color Wars (2006-2007)

54x is thought to have been the Blue Clan's true leader. Under his leadership, the previously unorganized Blue Clan banded together under his rule. Oagalthorp (the Army of Club Penguin's Creator) fought under 54x's leadership. 54x and Oagalthorp often clashed against Korn, the leader of the Reds. Eventually, the color clans died out, and there was never an official winner of World War I.

Creation of the Romans of CP (2006)

On October 6th, 2006, 54x along with the great Explorer7777, formed the first Roman Clan. This clan fought under Explorer7777 and 54x's leadership during WWII. The Romans at the time of WWII, were still a clan and not yet an army, but they were a very organized clan due to 54x's skillful leadership. Eventually, banding together under the Roman Helmet (which was a new release at the time) through 54x's skillful leading, and through Explorer7777's organization of forums on Miniclips, the Romans essentially became an official army. This happened a few days after Oagalthorp's creation of the Army of Club Penguin on September 29th, 2006. The Romans and ACP were created as clans began to fade out in Club Penguin.

Eventually, 54x and Explorer7777 banded the Roman clans together and they became known as a ruthless fighting force. Oagalthrop and his early ACP saw the rise of the Romans as a threat to his power. As both armies were wiping out clans and increasing their size, conflict between the two powers was inevitable. Through the organization on Miniclips forums, both armies successfully declared war on each other and began battling. There is much evidence to suggest that 54x was actually in the room when the Roman declaration of war on the ACP was officially signed.

On October 13th, 2006, the first major battle of Club Penguin Army history occurred. This was the first formal battle between the two powers, the Romans (lead by Explorer7777 and 54x) and the ACP (lead by Oagalthorp). 54x lead his Roman forces on to the battlefield. At around #PM PST in an igloo, most sources say that it was Oagalthorp that attacked first. A huge wave of Roman troops under 54x's command marched onto the battlefield and faced valiant ACP troops head on. After about 30 minutes of fighting, it appeared that neither side was giving in. After suffering what he thought to be too many losses at the hands of the ACP, 54x ordered a full retreat, and with that, the Romans felled the battlefield. This first battle of WWII is largely seen as an ACP victory, and a defeat for 54x and his Romans.

WWII and the battles between the mostly organized Roman clans under the leadership of both Explorer7777 and 54x, and the Army of Club Penguin under Oagalthorp, would leave a lasting legacy. This specific war has gone down in history as one of the most widespread wars and it has been constantly looked back on and researched by many people interested in CPA history. This established legacy has helped bring a sense of nationalism to the later generations of the Romans, which have sprung up many times since its final reformation into an organized army in 2007.

Eventually after WWII, the Roman clans disbanded. 54x left the army community for a few months until he came back in 2007 with Djgtjvgyhxgy to create the modern unified Romans and bring together the numerous Roman clans. This generation of Romans would live on and continue to operate until the shut down of Club Penguin in late March of 2017. Eventually, 54x would fade away until he came back in September of 2020 to lead the Romas' last generation. He was not active during Ehroyal81's revival of the Romans on Club Penguin Rewritten, but as an Emperor and Guardian, he supported Ehroyal's revival making it valid.

Leading the Romans' Last Generation (September 2020-October 2020)

After a couple of years of inactivity, 54x would be asked by Roman Senators to come back and lead the army. He agreed, leading the Romans for about a month until its unfortunate shut down in early October of 2020. On September 18th, 2020, 54x officially took the reigns of the Romans of CP one last time. During his short time leading this last generation, he managed to achieve maxes of 60+ penguins due to launching mass recruitment campaigns. Eventually, 54x was wounded badly in battle and was forced to step down from leadership. On October 16th, 2020, the Romans held their last event with 54x valiantly leading. They then would shut their doors indefinitely.