Club Penguin Army Wiki

Hey there! My name is df44/Penuin100 (in game) and I'm a Content Moderator in this wiki as well as the Smart Penguins of CP Commander in Chief. Besides that I'm a CPAHQ Head Judge, Moderator and Reporter.

Short bio

I started to play CP in 2008 shortly after the opening of the portuguese brazilian server. Since then I came across armies for a few times but refused to join and only actually enlisted in the Water Vikings in 2020 after entering CPR discord server to look for updates on the HTLM5 development (and honestly because I was bored due to the lockdown). I climbed up the ranks until I was promoted to Third In Command. After that I left WV to revive the Smart Penguins. I have wiki code knowledge as I'm a rollbacker at the real wikipedia in portuguese.

Main goals

  • Update and create articles
  • Create Articles for Army Legends