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Toast is an experienced member of the Club Penguin community, active on the original game since 2010. He is newer to the army community, having joined in 2018. His experience in armies includes Templars and the Flame Army.


Toast began playing the original version of Club Penguin in 2010, but only joined the army community in 2018, when he joined the Templars. He was originally planning on being an active member of PZF, but switched his focus to Templars.

He worked his way up to 2ic in Templars and during the war with the Kernemos Army, joined the Flame Army and became a 1ic. He became a 1ic in Templars after the revolt of Dagyr3, Shinzo and Ripmam.

Toast remains active in Templars to this day.


As of April 2019, Toast is now COO of CPA.

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