Hey, I’m Annon. I used to go by “Rowan Alden” on discord before I left that account behind. I help run this wiki.

I was in RFCP for six months, from last September to January 2020. It was an experience that has changed me forever.

Today, I’m gonna talk about what it was like.

To the people looking at this as a tea spill on RFCP, I’m not looking to start drama. I’m writing this as closure so I can move on from the stuff that happened/is happening regarding RFCP for good.

To the one person looking at this in five years if CPA is still running/the person who stumbles upon this wiki and this blog post by accident/the aliens in ? years rummaging through the internet after our species is long gone, this is what CPA was like in 2019. I wonder if it’s changed. I hope so, CPA is a mess today, but that’s a story I don’t really care about at the moment.

I'm gonna split this in two. The easiest way to do everything. I'll release the rest in the next few days.

So yeah, my time in RFCP.


I'll start with the context. I had been an admin here on the wiki for a while and the then-current bureaucrat, Jayden [we love you] had been inactive for a while when Flen adopted the wiki and connected us to the then-newly flourishing CPA community. [RIP CPA]. Fast forward a month or so and I get on relatively well with Prior Bumble, the RFCP leader. I can always distinctly remember really respecting him for how much he showed he actually gave a shit about his troops as individual people, an attribute a lot of the bigger armies like RPF have lost along the way in my opinion. My first real encounter with RFCP was when DatBoiRaven apparently died. He was HICOM for them and it was a big shock to the whole community. I still remember the memorial event that was held. I couldn't go and watched the outpour of love for RFCP and Prior. It was nice to see a community so broken usually come together. Over 100 people went to the memorial.

From there, things went on. It was early September, and I was kinda done with armies. Summer holidays were ending and I was about to get back into schoolwork. I was planning to quit everything and go back to just operating on the wiki and told the two people that I was talking to at the time. Prior and Cena [it’s a long story but we were all in a gc [group chat.] Prior immediately offered me a place in RFCP and after some hesitation regarding inactivity, I accepted the offer.

The first month was like a dream. It was a great period, everyone was happy, I very quickly made friends with some really awesome people. Well, it felt like a month.

It wasn’t. It was for 12 days. 12 days of a simple, cheery life.

Then Kailey happened. Kailey was a general within the army. She dramatically left 20th September 2019.

Remember this? This open letter was the beginning of everything that went wrong. To this day, I still don’t know how to feel about it. What follows is an extract of the letter, highlighting the accusations Kailey made:'

"Despite the fact that I still love Prior, he has changed. He used to be humble and Prior used to be just a character. Now, Prior has fallen victim to power. Power can change people. Someday, when he digs his true self back up again, not Prior Bumble, but the real him, he will have escaped from this false reality. Everyone worships Prior in the RFCP. The RFCP revolves around him. The tactics, the constitution, the scavenger hunt, ect. all include him. RFCP has become a cult, with Prior as the leader. Those who leave, are demonized.

I brought these concerns to Prior and he shut them down, claiming that I was the one who changed. I’ll admit, I have. I was viewing RFCP with tinted glasses. When I joined the CPA team however, I took them off, even if just for a moment. After putting them back on, I could not forget the world I saw outside of RFCP.

So RFCP soldiers, please ask yourself these questions. Are you following Prior or are you worshipping him? Do you get treated with respect or does rank make you feel like less of a person? Why do you fight? For Prior? For territory? For yourself? Is RFCP still fun? Most importantly, is RFCP healthy for you?

Your rank means nothing in the real world. It means nothing outside of RFCP. You are no better nor worse than Prior. I am no better nor worse than you. NEVER let anyone make you feel like less of a person. Behind that commuter screen, Prior is still just a person. We all are. RFCP soldiers, please take care of yourself.”

At the time, it was easy to write off a lot of what Kailey said, and the original post didn’t stay up for long. If it wasn’t for someone archiving it, the letter would be lost.
That person was me. I archived it, in case it did get deleted. Good thing I did, huh.

To break that text down into bullet points, Kailey was saying that Prior was:

  • Someone that had grown power-hungry.

  • A character.

  • 'The leader of a cult.

Dismissing the first claim was easy from where I was sitting. I knew Prior, he never struck me as someone like that! The second one made no sense from the evidence [or lack thereof] that I had, so I wrote that one-off, and the last? A cult? RFCP a cult? It sounded absolutely ridiculous, I didn’t even bother reading into it back then. 

Of course, the letter got taken down and Kailey desperately begged to return to RFCP. I remember one of the questioning sessions we had in the summit chat. It was crazy and the opinions were diverse in nature. I remember doing my best to make sense of it all. It was very clear the room was split between the people who never wanted her to come back and the people who were ready to forgive her.

After a good few hours of debating, arguing, we all agreed to bring her back at a heavily demoted rank of corporal.


At the time Kailey rejoined RFCP, the ranking system was:

Commander In Chief [Prior]

Commissar [2ic]

General [3ic]






Ice Agent


The order may be wrong on these feel free to shout at me in the comments on how much I fucked this bit up okay thanks

So she went from 3ic to near the bottom of the ranking. Very big demotion and one we all felt was appropriate given the circumstances.

Well, almost everyone. Another general left following the verdict, Cabin. Cabin had been a vocal advocate for throwing her out for good. When the 14-9 agreement to let her back as Corporal was announced, he left and never looked back. I always wondered what became of Cabin. I bumped into him kinda every now and then, but never really talked to him.

It really shook me up and put me on edge. I began to wonder what else might be true, but I didn't have time to worry for long. Kailey left us and joined RPF and some months later ended up in ACP. 'Yeah, tensions suddenly rose after that.

Separately, Chainpro left RFCP for ACP, which had just returned. At the time, it was a really controversial move within RFCP and for many a betrayal.

But things relatively went back to normal. I ended up joining ZCA, RFCP's spy division. It was interesting, but I hear they've decreased in ability recently; been hearing about a lot of alts getting into the RFCP server. But meh, that's their problem.


That letter was the start of a nightmare.

Around that time, a spate of nightly arguments began on the discord. Around 9/10 pm GMT every night, there would be an argument. Raider was usually involved. Bless, I do love Raider. I trusted him back then and whilst I disapproved of his sexual jokes, he could be a great guy.

Unfortunately, he butted heads a lot with other members in his first shot in RFCP. And thus, October became for us a fair amount of pain. Whilst we all dealt with what happened regarding Kailey during the day, I watched and tried to stop nightly arguments. I can’t remember if it was two or three weeks, but every night, there were arguments. Sometimes, there were several. It was an awful mess and a nightmare to handle and usually resulted in mutes. It was rough.

It was around this time I set up Pringles.

Pringles is the name for a hangout server I set up with ThatOneNoob as a place to chill from the drama and vibe about our single woes. We had a real blast. More on this later.

In the end, I think either Raider left or got banned for a period and later came back. I don't remember which.

Things quickly transitioned after that to November. The ACP and RFCP war. Controversies around that, I was never really that involved directly and to this day I don’t 100% remember what happened. In the end, there was a huge blowup within CPA, armies stopped operating until some problems regarding RPF were solved. Thus ended the war.'

It was about then [Early November time] that we made the shocking revelation that DatBoiRaven [the HICOM guy that had apparently died several months earlier] was in fact NOT dead and had just wanted to leave RFCP.

And then there was the wedding.

It came out of nowhere, but all of a sudden Eva, leader of ACP spin-off PIC broke ties with ACP and allied with RFCP and was great friends with Prior. And then the announcement they were getting married on Club Penguin Oasis.

Yeah, eyebrows were raised about this.

I was suspicious of Eva at first. Her choices seemed odd to me since PIC was a promising army with good connections to the immensely powerful ACP. But there was nothing dodgy about her and I'm pretty good friends with her nowadays. She's epic.

Then there was the wedding event itself. I wasn't there, but it got raided pretty bad. They were able to get some peace in the end but the comments made by the raiders were appalling. I don't have the screenshots, but horrible things were said. It was a real mess at the time, but we all moved past it. It was around then that the iceberg standoff happened.

Eva ended up leaving PIC to join us as admiral, the AUSIA 3ic rank created for her. There was a small scandal about that as she did it without telling PIC, guess which mug casually mentioned in the PIC discord server that Eva was joining RFCP…

Yep one discord convo with Manu [PIC’s other leader] and BOOOOOOOOOM!

PIC has been dead since.


And, Kailey released another open letter.

Now, this was an interesting one. It's full of screenshots and such. The screenshots seemed to suggest that Prior was just a character to hide away from Prior's tragic past. 


RFCP has one server of great meaning to them especially: Northern Lights. It's a key symbol for them. During the protest, they gave the server up. It ended up in ACP hands. Yep, it wasn't nice.

So as a joke, RFCP logged onto 'the server on CPA's CPPS, went to iceberg to take it someplace else.

ACP were not amused. There was a huge standoff, leading to all of RFCP logging off, except for Prior. He sat there in that room until every ACP logged off. In the end, it was just him and Kailey. It went on for many hours until Kailey finally gave up and logged off.

I think that broke him in a way. Those hours of facing the source of all your pain.

I know it'd break me into pieces. 

Things carried onwards. And then there was the CPA ban… I’ve included this screenshot of what was said by CP

RFCP ban

CPA admin DMT's announcement on it.

A admin DMT on the issue. It explains better than I ever could what happened.

So yeah. This. Now seems a good time to talk about one of the major issues I always had personally with RFCP: the NSFW stuff.

RFCP quickly gained a reputation following this as the army with the sex stuff, and sadly this reputation was not entirely unwarranted. Moderation was very lax on NSFW content throughout 2019 in RFCP. It was not uncommon for sexual comments and references to be made in the RFCP general chat by RFCP members. There was a channel for these conversations to happen, but no one enforced the rules regarding these conversations taking place there, and for a while, there was very little protection for minors from seeing this channel. The “silver 30” role for minors was seldomly given out. I was 15 whilst in RFCP and could easily access the NSFW channel, despite my age being known.

Now I will be fair, we did eventually crackdown on this after months of repeatedly bringing the issue up and a mass s30 sweep was done to give people the role over a week. I don’t know if this still happens, but it was whilst I was there.

Finally, it was at the same time that I found out about the “stuff room” and the casting couch virtual parties that were held on a CPPS.

I wanted to throw up when I found out this was happening. There is one particular screenshot from one of these “parties” out there and it had people in it I’d have never thought would get involved in that kind of thing. It just threw me off totally. From what I hear, these parties do still happen occasionally. I’d also like to stress that only people of legal age took place in these “parties” and to my knowledge, these parties were moderated properly in that sense.

I don’t want to go into this topic too far so I’ll stop here. If you want to read more on all that I suggest you read [NSFW ALERT KEEP READING HERE BEFORE CLICKING THE LINK] this article by Justin Cooper on it for more information. It does contain images of a somewhat sexually-explicit nature, including the screenshot I mentioned earlier, so I advise viewer’s discretion. It also talks about the cult allegations raised against RFCP by Kailey in her open letters. 

Okay, back to RFCP’s suspension. It was very quickly decided that RFCP shouldn’t return to CPA. The trouble we’d had was not worth it and this was an ideal chance to leave and never look back. And so, we became a non-league army. Prior retired for a period to take a break from all of the madness. RFCP ended up in chaos for a period. It was a nightmare to watch and deal with.

The first half ends here. I will be uploading the second half tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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