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There was a messy period of about a week or two where the server was a nightmare. Everyone was running around in a state of shock. Thankfully, it ended eventually and Prior came back.

Things were dodgy for a while. We were stuck waiting for our future to get created, the great idea being we would just make our own army league, Club Penguin Warfare. I spent most of my time panicking about stuff in DMs with friends, hanging out in the Pringles server and making life choices that sucked in some ways and were epic in others.


I almost left a lot. LIKE OH GOD SO MANY TIMES

I was really good friends with this girl called Redbackwards, or Der, and the number of times I was in her DMs like “WELP I’M LEAVING SEE YOU AGAIN SOMEDAY” without actually leaving is sad. God, I wasn’t always a great friend to her, but we got on really well and I usually redeemed myself afterwards.

It was around halfway through December we finally got a Europe division, led by Opino. He got “Red Baron,” 3ic.

As far as leaders go, Opino was a great division leader. He was organised, had a great drive and motivation and really pushed to grow the division. I hear he’s a favourite for Commander if Prior retires [well this did kinda happen, but more on that later].

Around this time, my issues with Cena peaked.

“Wait, what problems?”

Well, for a while, kinda lowkey, Cena had developed a habit of just randomly going after me in the RFCP discord. Around a day or two after Opino got promoted, it happened again and he got especially vicious whilst I was trying to moderate. I ended up exploding in Prior’s DMs [I still feel kinda bad as I did do this a few times at Prior unfairly when he had done nothing wrong] over it. He was nice about it, but very little physically got done about it as Cena was easily dealt with by Prior asking him to stop.

My memories are fairly hazy regarding the rest of December. A lot of small things happened, arguments and fallings out, etc. It wasn’t pleasant. I lost faith in my place in RFCP.

One thing I remember was an increase of bullying around one friend of mine, Dawnables. I’ve always gotten on really well with Dawn, she’s a great person. She was ex-LGA and moved to RFCP. She was in RFCP when LGA shut down and there were tensions with Cena, who claimed to have killed LGA, despite them planning their exit before going to war with Cena’s army, Pretzels. It upset Dawn, and that was the start of it. There were several incidents with Sha, another member. To this day I don’t know who was really at fault, but I know nasty things were said.

Finally, the first two-three weeks of January 2020. The final problem I was around for was a sudden spate of people getting really bitchy in private. People acting nice when with someone and then going to DMs to talk shit. I got fed up of it and posted an angry/venting/SORT YOUR SHIT OUT PEOPLE thing to summit and things started to taper off after that.

But, December and my time there in January just felt like a barrel of problems internally. RFCP’s future was very uncertain; the struggle to stay alive whilst waiting for a CPW CPPS to get made, then the stress of keeping CPW alive. Honestly? If CPW goes down RFCP might be really fucked.

CPA disbanded, CPAM [Club Penguin Armies Media, a news site/league that RPF, ACP and HF set up] is somewhere Prior would never go since it’s essentially run by RPF and ACP [Prior’s least favourite armies]. There is CPOAL [Club Penguin Online Army League] I guess, although there are of course the rumours around them. Armies there do tend to have some success however, so RFCP would either end up in CPOAL or would end up trying to carry on as a leagueless army. The last time RFCP tried that, it was fairly disastrous, so I don’t know if it would really be feasible as a long term plan.

But I digress.

And then there was the orders snap. 

We had just had an event that put Prior against Der, then one of his generals in terms of tactics speed. I’d acted unnecessarily bitchy earlier to be fair, which likely didn’t help and made two comments [I think it was two may have been three] that weren’t appropriate. They are referenced in the screenshots I’ve left in a link further on. Der won, and Prior acted in a manner I felt was fairly aloof to her and struck me as salty. I retorted to it and Prior…

Yeah, he got kinda nasty.

RFCP stuff 0120

What happened.

I was trying to stick up for Der [who was/still is essentially my best friend and the coolest gamer ever like no joke she is a great friend] and that was Prior’s response.

I don’t really know per say whether his immediate response was really appropriate. The guy lost the “for fun” battle and got really salty about it. I can understand it’s somewhat disrespectful in terms of how I pointed out what I was thinking, but his response seemed to me massively disproportionate, considering he was putting down Der a lot and I just wanted to stick up for her.

There was a conversation the day after between me and him after it happened. Screenshots here. You can judge for yourself whether what happened was right or not. 


It made me suspicious. 

Fair warning, nothing I’m about to say will make sense unless you actually look at the screenshots. I left some comments on it regarding certain things, as well as to provide context in places.

Prior’s behaviour seemed really odd to me. The constant insistence that everyone agreed with his opinion on this despite the facts clearly showing this not to be the case and Prior himself giving up on forcing a false narrative in the end when I made it clear it wasn’t gonna wash with me.  The completely random reminder that all the good things that had happened to me since September was because of him [which I am immensely grateful don’t get me wrong] but it had nothing to do with what was going on, which raised suspicions for me. It really threw me off, and quite frankly I had given up on making the points I was trying to make.

Again, read the screenshots and the comments I made on them for more on that. I’m gonna move on now.

I was fed up with the never ending problems and drama.

Additionally, I spent a lot of my time throughout December worrying about everyone else’s problems. 

My sleep schedule was getting messed up due to me staying up late to deal with whatever the latest drama was.

I decided it was time to retire from RFCP for good.
After a farewell that caused a little chaos [sorry about that btw], I left. 

I’ve gone back in there three times since to check up on a few friends, but I will never rejoin RFCP. The stress isn’t worth it. So that’s that. I left.

Retrospectively? I’m glad I did. RFCP was killing me, the argument with Prior had given me reason to be suspicious of him.

But the story isn’t over.

And then, Prior Bumble came after Pringles.

If you remember from the first post, Pringles was a hangouts server I set up with some friends.

Throughout everything, it was still running on and off. During a get together, I received a request from Prior for an invite to the server. It struck me as unorthodox but I agreed and gave one. 'I didn’t expect what happened.

Screenshots are here.

Again, read them for a better understanding of what happened.

So yeah, he tried to shut down my hangouts server, just so that his chat wasn’t dead. Pringles was made up of my best friends at the time. The people I trusted most, and he tried to tear that apart to satisfy his own desires. I lost the respect I had left for Prior Bumble at this point and decided leaving RFCP had been a smart move after all. But he fucked with me and the people I cared about most just so he could carry on playing armies, and it took me a while to forgive him for that. This was the last conversation we had and likely the last conversation we ever will have. 

Yes, because that absolutely, irreparably devastates me. How will I go on without Prior Bumble in my life?

Much better than I did before, let me tell you.

He isn’t worth it, and ultimately the way things are sounding for RFCP… Dawnables, the LGA member who I mentioned earlier on, was essentially bullied out of RFCP by people I once considered friends. I’m still angry about that. She’s one of my best friends today and all around an amazing, wonderful person.

Apparently, RFCP's average max has sunk to like 3-10 on normal events. They can pull large numbers for battles, although there are rumours concerning Pretzels helping them. Hardly surprising and likely true since RFCP has a history of being involved in breaking no ally rules [such as that time they helped Templars try and beat ACP. Templars got banned over that.] 

But meh, I’m done with RFCP now. I have no involvement in what goes on there and I’m glad. From the little I hear, they aren’t doing so well and things haven’t improved.

So yeah, that was that. I ended up having a minor nervous breakdown from stress early March and left my old account behind. I do use it rarely to contact a few people, but that’s it.


I don’t have much to add.

I don’t regret joining RFCP because of the friends I’ve made. They changed my life and they made all the bad things worth it many times over. They probably saved my life in some ways, I was a lonely person before I joined RFCP and I’m not so lonely anymore. I found some true happiness again for a time whilst I was in there. I hadn’t been so happy for a few years…

And now, I’ve found some of that happiness again in a way.

And now for some personal messages.

To the RFCP members reading this, aloha! This is what it was like for me. Judge for yourselves whether that changes anything for you.

To Prior Bumble, get lost. I left RFCP behind and you quickly showed me the kind of person you’d turned into. I have nothing to say to you. 

To the people who are questioning whether all of this is really true, my old discord is Gabriel Laurent#6429 [Ended up deleting my first account]. Drop me a line if you want to talk and I’ll get back to you when I can. To Cena, I’m going to block you the second you try to cause me problems. Don’t waste your time. Same goes for anyone else who wants to cause me grief. I left CPA behind to get away from those people and I will just block. I don’t care anymore.

Thank you for reading through this, whoever has read this far. I hope you learnt a little about what armies can be/was like.

That’s that. RFCP is a chapter in a long long book that isn’t even close to being half written. I’m moving on to better things. Happier places. 

Look after yourselves, strangers, old friends.

Annon/Rowan Alden

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