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Hello. I am 54x. Many know me as battlefield master or just simply "Battlefield." Yea I still f*cking love that game and yes I'm still obsessed with and want to marry Battlefield 4. But that's not what I'm here to talk about today in this blog post. I wanted to kind of tie up some loose ends and inform anyone who reads this of my whereabouts, what happened to me, and my plans for the future. So here we go, sit tight because I don't know how long this is gonna be. If you know me from my cringe personal Wiki page, you know that this post is probably gonna be long. Enough BS, let's get into it.

Time to finally put an official close to this terrible chapter of my life. This is something I just feel I needed to write for personal reasons. I don’t even know if this should be considered an editorial but whatever. Read at your will, or don’t. This is my legacy.

I may not have been the most relevant of people in Club Penguin Armies, but I’d like to think I sure made a name for myself. I guess I’m generally well-respected by a few, but at this point I am under the impression that my reputation is most likely tarnished and disgraced by my actions in the past. I used to be this quiet kid that no one ever knew about. Heck, I joined armies at the age of 16, in f*cking 2020. I am still embarrassed to this day I joined armies so late and at such a relatively old age in my opinion. I joined armies in CPPS era in 2020, specifically on Club Penguin Online. I joined back in March of 2020 when me, and practically the whole world, was bored af sitting at home in this new quarantine because of some crazy virus they developed in China got released into the world. Thanks China! Anyways, jokes aside, I joined armies, like many annoying kids, during the early stages of quarantine because I was bored, had a lot of time on my hands, and I was looking for something to do. I was recruited by one of those crappy DCP auto-typer bots. I was honestly so annoyed and irritated by the constant DCP bot spam in the town that I was like “ugh fine! I’ll join your dumb army!” I went from being pissed off at armies, to being an active part of one. How the tides have turned, huh? I actually had originally joined to prove that armies were some sort of a scam. I mean free coins (that was something armies heavily advertised back in March-April 2020 because CPO admins would give coins to army members who attended events) seemed way too good to be true. I knew there was some sort of catch. These Doritos wanted my password or something, right? So I redownloaded Discord (an app I had previously used in 2019 but stopped using after a while) and joined their server. Little did I know I would be greeted with open arms and kindness. Man, I was so surprised how they just swept up and took me in as one of their own. I remember being greeted and talking to one of the nicest hcom members in the world. Too bad I learned some pretty disturbing truths about him many months later. Oh well, not everyone is who they seem. I don’t care. I still love you MaximeT9. Maxime took me into the Doritos Family (haha little did I know the DCP was the FURTHEST thing from a family! Oh if only I could’ve went back in time and told little battlefield master to turn back). In an instant, I knew that this Club Penguin army thing was something I wanted to do for a very long time. I was sad that I missed out on armies back when I played OG CP as a kid in like 2011, 2012, or 2013? I can’t remember. Doesn’t matter though, back to the story. When I tell you my mindset had changed so quickly, I mean it. In fact (true story, if any of you bastards don’t believe me that’s on you) I immediately started recruiting the very same day I joined the Doritos of CP. Yes, the boy who had been playing CPO as a joke to troll the penguin strip clubs on the mature servers with his real life friends and the same boy who was annoyed at army recruiters was now joining an army and get this, RECRUITING FOR THEM! Yea, battlefield master (CPO name, cvbm, yea I still remember that dumb name) was now in the very position he used to despise. Maxime saw my eagerness to work for the DCP and he always believed in me and saw my potential. Thanks for believing in me. And yes, I eventually did join DCP hcom, my dream ever since I joined and talked to Maxime. I love ya man, you were great. I know I’ve learned some pretty disturbing stuff about you but that doesn’t change the fact that you were like a brother to me in my early stages of the DCP. It’s also interesting to note I never used auto typers throughout my year or so in the army community. I actually found out that the DCP used autotypers way late into my career and I was pissed that for hours, I had manually typed out the recruiting lines. Sad! Anyways, back to my gay origin story, as my real life friends eventually got bored of CPO trolling, little did they know I stayed on the website. From here, I would stray further from my real life friends in favor of these neckbeards in Club Penguin armies on Discord. God, I look back on this time and wish I could’ve gone back in time to stop myself from ever joining armies. Why oh why couldn’t I have? It would’ve saved me a lot of stress and mental scarring. So I’m gonna try to not go TOO into detail about my history here as I think my personal Wiki page explains it pretty well (even though it’s too long and generally just a cringey read). So, a 16 year old boy whose real life friends got bored of CPO trolling left, and he continued with the platform. He gets recruited into armies (specifically the DCP) by autotyper bots, tries to prove the Doritos were a scam, but gets taken in and falls in love with armies. That same day he joins armies, he’s out there in Walrus or Tea Town recruiting for the very army he used to get pissed at. I honestly don’t know, it was something about the atmosphere of the DCP in March-April of 2020 that was so appealing to me. If you had told me back then that this was the beginning of a very terrible road and an awful time of my life, I would not have believed you. Just the family atmosphere they created, and how they so quickly took me in and welcomed me as one of their own. It warmed my heart. I’ve dealt with a lot of toxic people in real life, so this was a nice change. Finally I was being brought into this group and accepted, not excluded. Yes, I was one of them now.  So just like that, I got sucked into the disgusting world of Club Penguin Armies.

I remember meeting my earliest friend in the DCP too. His name was scars (f*ck you scars you crazy nut job, nah just kidding). Like me, he had recently joined the DCP after being recruited by autotypers in populated town areas on the CPO servers. Ah, we both had a youth-like innocence. Little did we know how toxic the army community was. We were like little kids coming into armies with a new and fresh perspective. Like I mean it, I look back on myself when I first started armies. I was like an innocent little kid. Despite me being 16, and scars being 15 (I miss ya scars), we came into armies like little babies with open eyes and an eagerness to rise through the ranks. We truly thought one day we would become leader with enough hard leader. This silly dream that I look back on pitifully was also fueled by the constant lies of DCP leaders promising us that one day we would be leaders. F*ck them. F*ck all of them. Especially you 32op. Lick my taint you dirty liar and multilogger. Anyways let’s not get too carried away. Scars, I love ya man, you were always and will always be like a brother to me. I will look back fondly on working through the ranks of the DCP, battling in the DCP vs. IW war together, and most of all, our countless hour long recruiting sessions together in Walrus/Tea Town on CPO. God, I wasted A TON of hours of my life recruiting for the DCP, and just armies in general. Hours I will never get back. Hours I could’ve used to better my chances of getting into college, hours I could’ve used to make up on my piling school work I had been neglecting because of armies, and hours I could’ve used to apply for scholarships so that I’m not drowning in student debt which is something that will be happening to me down the line sadly. But enough about my personal struggles back to the main topic at hand, my CP Army career. After joining the DCP, me and scars WORKED OUR BUTTS OFF recruiting for hours and spending hours being active in chat and attending these stupid Club Penguin army battles. I mean come on, I wasted about an hour a day (back in the big DCP vs. IW War in April of 2020, we had a battle almost everyday for a few weeks in that month. Yea that war was intense.) attending these stupid little Club Penguin battles. Oh cool, a Club Penguin Army battle you say? Guns, vehicular combat, large scale battles, and huge warfare you ask? Nope! Think again. That’s Battlefield 4 (It’s a great game I highly recommend you should get it. It’s old but gold. Oh I’m getting carried away am I? Sorry). Club Penguin Army battles are honestly really stupid looking back on it as someone heading to college soon and someone who has been gone from armies for about a half a year now. You got on this stupid Discord call where you had to sit silent and listen to a few high up leaders or high command yell at us to type in different words and phrases at the same time. They’d also yell at us to do these silly emotes. Half of the phrases they made us say were unfunny inside jokes that only long time army vets would get. Also God, don’t let Possum/Phoenix lead. I can’t stand her voice. I always hated when they would let her lead voice chat. Man, her voice was so annoying! Before you say “wow you’re so mean,” I was definitely not the only one who thought that. I remember having several complaints in my dms from members when I was a moderator in the DCP about the irritations caused by Possum’s annoying voice. Here I go getting carried away with something again. My bad. Back to what I was saying, looking back as I have matured now, the concept of Club Penguin Army battles are stupid. Waste of my damn time. Hours I’ll never get back. Granted some battles were fun, I see now a lot of them were just sitting and being barked at by losers higher up than you to type out something you really didn’t get. Yet, I still went to almost every battle during my time in armies! Yea I was a loser.

So, to wrap up some DCP stuff before I start going on and on about my army history (I will try not to do that but no promises), I quickly rose through the ranks with other new March/April 2020 CPO kids through countless hours of hard work recruiting, attending battles, and being active in the Discord server. Here’s something else that will make you think I was a loser if you haven’t already come to that conclusion looking at my army history, it became MY DREAM to become a moderator/staff member in the DCP. Yea that’s right, I wished for and ASPIRED to be a f*cking moderator in the Doritos of Club Dweebguin. I know I’m writing like f*cking Greg Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid with the capitalization of words for emphasis, but I do that to well, emphasize certain words. So, eventually 32op and his fellow DCP leadership goons decided sometime in April (or May? I don’t know I can’t remember exactly) that it was time to promote a new wave of staff members. There was a large group of new passionate CPPS kids, myself included, ready to devote their time for working faithfully for the DCP. So, out of a select few eager and hard working applicants, me and my buddy scars were picked to become moderators in training on the DCP staff team. I think the rank was called Major General? I don’t know, my memory is a little hazy as I find I try to forget the disgraceful period of my life that was CP armies. I made promise not to go into it to much so I’ll try and keep it here. But trust me, I can write a whole BOOK on the toxicity of the DCP. But I’m going to try to refrain from it here because I don’t wanna get too worked up and mad. Basically, I learned how toxic armies could be. I put in COUNTLESS hours WORKING MY BUTT OFF to recruit for the DCP in hopes of the ever so elusive promise of a promotion. But I quickly saw that d*ck sucking and butt-kissing was the true way to get promotions around there in the DCP. I was never raised as a butt-kisser, and I’ve always been a genuinely hard worker. I believed that with hard work and never giving up, good things would come to me. Yea I know a little cliché, but come on, am I wrong in thinking this way? Or was I just to innocent to realize at the time that hard work means nothing to the DCP? At the DCP, you were just a number and a working part of the huge war machine that was the Doritos of CP. You did not matter to them, you only worked to serve them and grow their number. F*ck you DCP. I will forever hate you, your leaders, and any of you fools who still stick around with that disgraceful excuse for an army. This blog is probably gonna get taken down now that I think of it. Come on, I censored the curse words! ;)

Yea a winking smiley face to end off that previous paragraph. Yikes. I do apologize for the sometimes fiery nature of this blog. Anyways, So I eventually worked my butt off for hours and became hcom. I think the DCP shut down and was revived once or twice in the time that I was there. I also left and came back and other stuff I won’t get into here. Read my Wiki page if you really give a rat’s a**. Eventually I began to release more and more how toxic the DCP was. Eventually I started slacking off and even doing a little bit of trolling (no I’m not referencing the “we do a little trolling” meme, but I in fact did do a little trolling as a certain former US President once said). I got caught up with this infamous group of guys who also had a general distaste for the DCP. They often came in and trolled the DCP server much to the anger of the DCP leaders, hcom, and staff. But not me, I thought it was hilarious. I loved these guys and their funny antics. I was tired of months of abuse from the DCP and I saw these guys trying to make a mockery of the DCP and trolling in funny ways in the general chat as an escape from the pressures of the DCP. In fact, again much to the anger of DCP higher ups, I actually began to take part in the trolling! Little did I know, this unusually special group of people would take me in as one of their own, as I was considered “based” by their standards. God, I used to use that word all the time. “Based.” Yuck. And so it began, this group officially took me in. Their name was... oh God I can’t believe I’m actually typing out these letters. I kid you not, I’ve tried to never think of or type this group’s name since January of 2021. But here it goes… this group’s name was EHUMA (Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army). Yuck, I said it. My relationship with them has long been tarnished but I will get into that later. That’s the main focus of this blog post. So it began, my long time with EHUMA. Little did I know it would completely change me as a person (for the worse sadly in my opinion) but it would end in dishonor and disgrace.

I also think at this point I had begun to go by 54x, my current name. I didn’t like “battlefield master” or “Battlefield” because I thought it was a stupid name. I still do. People still would call me Battlefield but it’s whatever. Nothing I can do about that now. I don’t really care too much anymore. So now, 54x joins the infamous EHUMA group. It was a group formerly known for heavy doxxing of important members of the Club Penguin Army community. They also did lots of trolling among other things. Basically, they were known as bad dudes in the CPA community. People were surprised with the new blood in EHUMA with 2020 CPO new-fag (can I still say that?) kids such as me and Lukey joining. I mean, 54x (or battlefield master at the time) the previously quiet rule following innocent new kid, was now apart of one of the most feared and infamous underground groups ever known to CPA. These guys took me in and it was truly like a brotherhood. It was here that I would gain a TRUE family. And I mean it was a TRUE FAMILY, unlike the fake “family forever” that the DCP falsely advertised. No, here unlike the DCP, I fit in. They truly liked me for who I was and they sympathized with my abuse and hatred for the DCP. With the influence of the guys at EHUMA, I turned into a more “based” person, but looking back, it turned me into a terrible and awful human being. I used to be a hard working good Christian boy, and here I was changing my personality to fit a group that made extremely edgy jokes. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my time in EHUMA and I’m not offended by any of their activities, trolling, jokes, etc. but I am just stating how drastically my membership in that group changed me as a person. I changed the way I talked too. I constantly made edgy jokes and constantly used parenthesis sarcastically. Even the few times I bothered to interact with my real friends outside of armies, the way I spoke was changed. I was more edgy, and I did that weird parenthesis thing EHUMA always did. So basically, I capitalized on my edgy side and completely change who I was as a person to better fit into the elite EHUMA group. So now I was nothing but a troll. Granted, I personally think I was a funny troll along with the other EHUMA boys, but that’s what I was. A troll. Although relatively unknown at this point, I had tarnished my previous reputation as a quiet, yet hardworking and respectable individual in the army community. Anyways, I would stay with and love my time in EHUMA for the remainder of my army career. But my army career ended faster than I expected due to a controversy. It is now time to address this controversy, the events leading up to it, and the circumstances surrounding my abrupt leave and quiet slip away from the army community for good. Bear with me; we are going down a big rabbit hole.

Up to the point of January 2021, I had proved myself to be different from the typical new 2020 CPPS cringey army kid who thought they knew everything and who were snowflakes getting offended at the drop of a pin. I wasn’t like famous among the likes of DrMatt, Mustapha, loioluk, Oagalthorp, Elm, etc. but I’d like to think I was generally well known. I had set myself apart from the new generation of CPPS kids and honestly, I’ve been told by many that if you were to place me in a pile of veterans, you wouldn’t be able to tell I joined armies in 2020. While this analogy was not specifically used, it gives you a good idea of my general reputation among some veterans of the community. I was extremely interested in CP Army history and I not only read up on the history on my own (I know, I’m a nerd right?) but I also surrounded myself around veterans. Specifically my time in EHUMA gave me lots of info on what old OG CP armies were like as many of the guys in EHUMA were long time CP Army veterans. I had a lot of respect for certain CP Army veterans. This kind of respect and admiration for CP Army veterans was uncommon in many of the new CPO 2020 kids, so again, I set myself apart here from my generation of army kids. Heck, I had even led the freaking Romans of CP, one of the oldest armies in Club Penguin history. My time leading Romans was a bit of a disaster and it had a lot of problems, issues I won’t be going into here. Again, look at my Wiki page if you really care, but let’s be honest, are you REALLY gonna look at it? No, ain’t nobody got time to read all that. Anyways, I had developed quite the resume for only joining armies in 2020. I’m not trying to brag here, but I had made a little bit of a name for myself in the community. I was also an infamous member of the EHUMA group, so I had the clout being associated with them. Plus, I was a very active and proud member of that group. So, everyone knew I was in EHUMA. It was no secret. I had also led the Romans of CP in their last generation to this date. I was really passionate about armies and very knowledgeable about the history of armies due to personal research and the people that I surrounded myself with. What does my reputation have to do with anything? Well I guess it’s half justification for me being able to write this thing (I wasn’t particularly famous or I guess infamous, but I wasn’t a nobody). The other half is because I feel the need to set the background and part of that is giving you my general reputation at this point within the army community.

So back to January 2021. It’s January 6th, the US capital has just been raided by a bunch of crazy Trumpies. They were pissed they lost the election so they decided to destroy Democracy. Disclaimer: I promise I'm not a liberal. So what does this have to do with the story of my disgraceful leave from the community and the topic at hand? Nothing. It’s just that the day that something significant happened for me regarding armies was also the day the capital of my home country (the good ol’ US of A) was raided by a bunch of radical Trump supporters. I just added in there because, well I don’t know. But it’s in there now. Deal with it. Anyways, the date was January 6th, as I was watching on in horror as the capital of my country was attacked, I shut off Discord for a while that day to watch the news. So anyways, going a little bit further back in time to get some background on the situation, I think either earlier that day or the night of January 5th I was messing around with a few EHUMA and former EHUMA members in this CP Army server created by local loser and long time washed up old army veteran, Lord Pain. We were making some pretty edgy jokes. They eventually got really bad, I mean like really dark and racist, even to the point where even I (who at this point was at the height of my edginess being in EHUMA) had to take a step back and said “woah, this is getting out of hand.” Well, soon I learned I think on 1/6, some dudes reported the server and the accounts of the people making the racist jokes, including me. I honestly don’t remember as like I said previously, I chose to forget about this time of my life and move on, but if my Wiki page is right, then I think my Discord account got banned on January 6th. I was PISSED. I mean like I was really mad dude. I frantically tried to appeal to Discords “staff team” (they can’t even call themselves a staff team for they suck, but I’m not gonna go into my problems with the Discord staff team as I could write another book on all of that) but they weren’t having any of it. So there it was, after hours of trying and appealing, Discord shoved me off with pre-set robotic responses and refused to give me my account back and any data associated with it, My 2 year old Discord account gone. All of the memories, friends, countless dms, countless servers I had created, all gone within an instant. We are talking about 2 years of Discord just all gone and taken from me with no way to get it back. So again, needless to say, I WAS PISSED OFF. So, here I was, in a very vulnerable state. I was furious and I had nowhere to channel my anger. Who was to blame for my unfortunate banning off of the platform that would result in my hours of ultimately unsuccessful appealing to the Discord “staff team?” I had no way of knowing. Or so I thought, but honestly, I was willing to believe anything. Remember, I was extremely angry and not thinking straight. They say it’s better to be pissed off than to be pissed on, but this clearly wasn’t the case. I was both pissed off and pissed on. If this makes no sense, it is because I am wasting away my night writing this at 12:30 am on a school night. Bear with me. So, here’s the scene so far. I’ve just been reported and permanently banned off of Discord. Discord’s sorry excuse for a staff team has refused to reinstate my account and I have lost everything. Discord had been a huge part of my life with me joining armies in 2020. That was all now gone. So now, 54x is pissed off and in a furious state. I was willing to believe anything to seek justice for the ban which I felt was unjust and that I had been the target of an attack (which I was). And believe anything I did. That’s what led to this big ambiguous “EHUMA controversy” I allude to near the end of my Wiki page.

So the time frame is around January 7-8th. I don’t know exact dates and specific times and I only have the info I wrote in my WIki page to go off of. So, on either January 6th or 7th, I am dmed by army veteran Mustapha. Mustapha?! Dming me? That’s odd, I thought. Apparently he had heard of the ban of me and Lord Pain (Lord Pain, since he owned the server the racist jokes took place in, had his main account banned too. He, like me, was understandably pissed. Although he kinda made a fool out of himself and got made fun of by others for being a complete loser heh). Mustapha claimed that he had answers. You may be thinking, who were you to trust Musta in this moment? What evidence is there that he’s being legit and telling the truth? Looking back, honestly none and I feel awful for believing him out of anger and spite. I was not thinking clearly that day. So anyways, Musta told Lord Pain and me that two people were responsible for our banning. He said that these two individuals had targeted us because they were offended by our edgy jokes and they reported us and the server (resulting in Lord Pain’s ban, because Pain himself did not take part in the edgy/racist jokes). If I remember correctly, the two individuals that Mustapha named was supremep0wer (who for some reason, despite me not using his name a lot, still comes up in my autocorrect if I ever have to type “supreme” or anything with “sup”) and Proditor (aka Prod. I think I spelt his full name correctly). Also, if I remember correctly, Prod went by “Yep it’s David” on Discord but again, I’m not too sure. My memory is hazy. I was furious and confused. I had not ever spoken to nor known about supremep0wer or Prod (I know I was in EHUMA, but I’ll get to that later) up until this point. I was bewildered as to why these two would deliberately target me and report me. To this day I still don’t know exactly what happened, but like I said, I was willing to believe anything, and Mustapha had answers that satisfied my anger. The next action I took was shameful, and I am still embarrassed about it to this day. I did something unthinkable that I feel has disgraced me and dishonored any legacy I ever had if any.

Be prepared for embarrassing and cowardly stuff here. I’m not proud of this but I feel that it needs to be revealed to the public. I’ve kept it secret as I’ve slipped away from armies, but now it’s in writing in a blog post on the CPA Wiki. So, what I did now under the false impression I had a place to channel my anger and someone to blame for my ban, I did something that I really regret. I asked a former member that I was instructed to never talk to, to do me a favor. Alright, I’m sorry, but I must tell the truth. I’m not proud of it but this is what happened. Yes, like a p*ssy, I asked former EHUMA member Anonting to dox Prod for me. Despite me being in EHUMA, I did not know how to dox nor had I ever doxxed. While yes, of course I had access to certain doxxes of members of the CPA community, I never actively took part in the doxxing process. It’s Saif (wink wink) to say I did have access to a few notable doxxes, but again, I never doxxed nor knew how to dox. That was a job I left to the veterans of EHUMA. I knew Anon was an infamous doxxer and that he would probably be the perfect person to talk to. You may be asking, “Yo 54x, why didn’t you just ask a current member of EHUMA to dox Prod?” Keep in mind that this would seem like a logical step and little would I know, would have probably led to the same result as asking a former EHUMA member. Anyways, to answer the hypothetical question, I did not ask a current member of EHUMA to dox Prod because at this point, EHUMA was in what I guess you could say was a period of reform. Top EHUMA members decided that EHUMA would stop their doxxing ways. So we no longer were permitted to do any sort of doxxing. But how would I get a dox in order to get back at someone who I had believed wronged me? Ask an infamous doxxer and former EHUMA member that I have previously spoken to (despite me being instructed by Dino not to talk to him. I will regret not listening to his advice…)!  So yea, now that it’s out there, I did in fact (like a coward) ask Anonting to dox Prod in order to get revenge on him for allegedly reporting my Discord account resulting in my ban.

On the 7th of January 2021, I was officially banished from EHUMA. Yes, the group that I had loved for so many months and remained loyal to for so long had casted me out. Why you ask? Well here we go down this rabbit hole. Unknown to me this whole time, Proditor was a current member of the highest EHUMA group chat. I was in the second highest level of EHUMA, I wasn’t quite apart of the elite counsel of EHUMA veterans. So, my 2020 CPO “new-kidness” showed here. I had, unknowingly, just asked a former disgraced member of EHUMA to dox a well-regarded, high-ranking current member of EHUMA. Yea, ya done messed up 54x. 100% truthfully, I swear to you I did not know Prod was a member of EHUMA, it was a rookie mistake but I will to this day tell you I was telling the truth about not knowing who Prod was. So there it ends. The months of me being apart of the elite EHUMA group were in an instant, gone. One huge mistake would ruin my reputation and standing with EHUMA. I was so ashamed. I honestly felt like a fool. Yes I was angry and still am angry at EHUMA for abandoning me over a stupid mistake, but I am very sorry for what I have done.

Armies as a whole had taken a toll on my mental health for a while. I mean like I was DESTROYED and mentally scarred by armies. I was abused by the DCP for months among other things. Although my army career was about a year long, it felt like 15 years. So, on January 8th, 2021, feeling ashamed, dishonored, disgraced, and banished by EHUMA, I made the decision to delete Discord forever and I vowed never to return. Let me tell you, that was the best decision of my life! Ah, it felt so nice to be free from the shackles of oppression that were armies! Finally, I could focus on my life and schoolwork. Since my ban from Discord, my banishment from EHUMA, and my total deletion of Discord, I have managed to significantly turn my life around for the better. I felt that it would be best for me to delete Discord (the app that had consumed me and ruined my life) and to never show my disgraced face in the army community again. I have dishonored EHUMA and was a general disgrace to the army community. Deleting Discord was necessary for my personal mental health and I was finally able to close the CP army chapter of my life for good. Like I said, deleting Discord and leaving armies was the best decision I had ever made.

As I reflect now, I wonder if maybe getting banned from Discord and banished from EHUMA was a good thing. Like I said before, Discord and CP armies had consumed my life and taken a terrible mental toll on me. Like I was completely changed as a person. I still do not think I will ever be the same due to armies, as dramatic as that sounds, but to this day I am working on improving myself. This might be the part that none of you care about because it’s about my life after armies, but I’ll still write it anyways for my sake. Since my quiet slip away and official leave from the army community, I have since been accepted into the college of my dreams, something that I never thought would happen due to the amount of time I spent consumed by armies. I had since then neglected my duties as a student and prospective college student when I was focusing on armies. After armies, I realized there was life beyond CP armies and that I needed to fix my life and cut any and all ties with armies and the community. Well I did that for the most part. I say most part because here I am semi-active on the Wiki and I’m spending hours writing this blog post about my time in armies. But anyways, I have drastically turned my life around for the better and I have fixed myself. There’s so much more beyond these silly CP armies and I’m so glad I’ve got my life back. I’ve also worked on rekindling my relationships with my real life friends, something I neglected being consumed by armies and Internet friends behind a screen. While I will always have a few relationships I made in armies that I will treasure such as ones made with Scars, Aisha, Satchmo, and William, it is true that I strayed further away from my real life friends while I was in armies. As of now, things are much better between me and my real life friends, but things will never be the same and they are still effected by my time in armies to this day. I missed out on my life while in armies, so I’m regaining my life and time back slowly. The TL;DR of this section is, since completely deleting Discord and withdrawing myself from the army community forever, I have turned my life around significantly for the better.

As I close out this blog post, it is around 1:30 am EST on a school night. I’m due to get my COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow (or technically today) and I have a huge English presentation on Thursday worth 50% of my grade. Yes, today I went back to my old tendencies of neglecting real life for something army related, but I felt the need to make this pubic and finally, FINALLY, comfortably close the army chapter of my life for good. If any members of EHUMA are reading this that aren’t Dino, please do not attempt to contact me (you probably have no desire to which is completely fine by me). I have made a promise to myself to never mention EHUMA by name, today I broke that promise, but I plan on never uttering it or typing it again after the publication of the blog. The name EHUMA brings too many bad memories and pain. The same can be said for acronyms like DCP and even CPA. Anyways, like I said, I have permanently deleted Discord, and I do not ever plan on reinstalling it. If you really have a desire to contact me (why would you anyways?) do it through my message wall on my profile in the CPA Wiki. Other than that, there will be no other way to contact me. Please respect my decision. As for being active on the CPA WIki as a Content Moderator, I plan to pop in periodically and possibly start/finish various projects, but I will never be fully active. As I head off to college very soon, I don’t expect to be too active. Also, for those of you wondering (and I doubt anyone is heh) I will NEVER be returning to armies anytime soon. I hope you have read and understood my reasoning for my various decisions regarding my leave from this community and discord altogether.

So, if you stuck around for this long, good for you! If you said “F*ck that, I’m not reading all that” and skimmed to the end, shame on you I guess! I'm also hoping this post doesn't get taken down. It's whatever I guess. Anyways, it’s late and I honestly don’t really care if there’s grammar or spelling mistakes in this. It’s almost 2 am, bear with me please. Welp, now you know my disgraceful story. This is my tarnished legacy I have kept secret from those not in a certain group I will no longer be calling by its name. Thanks for sticking around, and my apologies to anyone I’ve hurt along the way during my short but eventful army career. I now will drop this blog post and slip away back into my life. My best wishes to you all.

-The disgraced and dishonorable, 54x

(May 18th-19th, 2021)

Edit: Yea I went back and made some minor grammatical corrections later that day on May 19th. You're welcome. Goodbye.