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My Crucial Mistake – The Tragedy of J., A Blog Post by 54x:

Disclaimer: Strong language is used in this post. Also, in no way does what I write represent any of the thoughts, feelings, or views of the Wiki staff team. Thank you.

           Hello again friends, and by friends, I mean zamb and Rowan (the only two people who legitimately bother to read these stupid little blog posts I do here on the Wiki). You guys are goats, but anyways, maybe some of you have read my previous blog post. It was titled, “A Foreword,” and in it, I set up this blog post and renounced my older blog posts on this site because they are long and cringey. For this blog post, I am going to attempt to keep it simple and keep the language nice and smooth for you. If I fail on that, my apologies. I’m gonna try and keep this from devolving into cringe, as I am working on it in the night, but over the course of a couple of days, rather than cramming all of my thoughts onto paper at 2 am in the morning.

           So, what the hell is this guy back for? Well, I’m going to explain to you a crucial mistake a made towards the end of this year, and why I deeply regret it. My mistake almost ruined my life and could have put me back into danger. Many of you may already know of this mistake, and for others this may be news to you. Well today, I finally reveal the truth. If it wasn’t already evident from the title, I will be revealing the truth behind the “j.” account. I bet many of you have seen the ”j.” fellow around in multiple Club Penguin Army related servers. Yea, the really stuck-up guy who constantly says “j owns” and “scars owns.” Yea, that guy. Well, this probably won’t come as a shock to many of you, but if it wasn’t already obvious, I, 54x, am (or was) j. Anyways, without further ado, please bear with me as I tell you a little about my unfortunate return to Club Penguin Armies, and why I severely regret it. It was a huge mistake. Before I go on, I must warn you there may or may not be “strong language” in this post, so read at your own risk, I guess.

           Like I said before, I want to take full responsibility and bring to light that I, 54x, was in fact the “j.” fellow running around in CPA. Now many of you may have not even heard of him, but I think you probably have seen him around once or twice. I put on this cringey act with j, where basically, I acted REALLY overly full of myself. Don’t worry, I’m actually not that stuck up my own ass, but I wanted j’s “character,” if you will, to come off that way. And, well it worked. Lots of kids got really mad at how full of myself I was. Part of me can’t blame them, but then part of me says come on, it is just a game about penguins, don’t get so worked up. But here I am making a blog post about penguin armies, so do with that what you will. Anyways, let me give you a little history and background on this “j.” character I fabricated in November of 2021.

           The month was October, 2021. Now I’m sure many of you know of or at least have heard of my best friend and trusty sidekick, Scars before. Well before I go on about this, I want to just get this out of the way. I do not blame Scars for my eventual return to armies. It was my own idiocy, and no fault of his own. So, it was about mid-October of 2021 I think. Maybe the 13th to be exact, but that doesn’t matter for the sake of this background or “origin” story if you wanna call it that. I had been contacted by Scars during this same month on my personal Discord account, which only he had access to. I forgot exactly how it went down, but basically, he said I should rejoin the Doritos of CP to catch up with a few old friends with armies. I figured there would be no harm in returning to my old home army, my first army I joined way back that fateful day in late March of 2020. I figured I had done such a good job recovering and fixing myself in real life, that I could afford to return to one CPA Discord. Well spoiler alert, I was wrong, if any of you know any of the things I would end up doing as j. So in sometime in mid-October of 2021, I decided to create an alt account so I wouldn’t be joining the Doritos Hangout server on my personal account that I used with real life friends. Why the “iconic” j? Well, it’s a big inside joke between Scars and I. I guess I’ll explain it here, because I don’t think he gives a flying fuck. So basically, way back in the day (aka 2020) Scars would always joke with me and others, and convince people in the Doritos that my real name was Jacob for some reason. I kind of think it’s a faggot’s name (sorry to anyone named Jacob in real life here lol) so it kinda pissed me off. So that is where the letter “j” in the name comes from. There is actually a story behind the “.” Basically, I put the period after “j” to mock something I say edgy people and old CPA veterans who disappear and come back do all the time. I feel like I always see people like that do one letter or short word followed by a period, so I decided to do that. I’m not gonna lie, it looked kinda fresh. I also did it to mock Scars when he first got nitro sometime in mid-2020, he temporarily rebranded to “s.” So yea, that was where the name “j.” was born. And for those of you wondering, no, my real name is not Jacob, I will proudly say that.

           Thus it began, the “Saga of J.” I didn’t know it, but my God rejoining the DCP server triggered something in me. I don’t know what it was, but as dramatic and extra as this sounds to say, I almost instantly reverted into my old autistic cringey end of 2020 self. It was BAD. Maybe some of you witnessed it, but it was cringe af. Basically, I joined under this new “j.” identity, with an intention to possibly catch up with a few people in private and reveal privately to close friends that j was 54x. Why was I so secretive about j’s true identity? Well, essentially, I didn’t want too many people learning of my true return to CPA. Why is that? Well basically, if you have ever heard the name “54x” in CPA before, you may know I have done some messed up shit in my time in CPA, especially towards the end of 2020.

For those of you who have no clue who I am, I am 54x, former DCP troop turned rogue, and also former member of the great Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army (EHUMA), which I was banished from in January of 2021 due to being gay af, but I’m not here to go over what led to my banishment from there. I have a blog post on that somewhere if you give a fuck. Anyways, in my career in armies, I have participated in a few things that may seem bad to some, and not as bad to others. Whatever you think of me, in the end, I rightly earned a tarnished reputation for being a racist EHUMA troll. I was involved with a lot of doxing (although most I actively didn’t take part in, I still was exposed to it and had access to some important members of CPA’s doxxes). Again, I’m not here to go into my time in EHUMA. As much as I enjoyed it and loved most of the guys there, like Cobra (who is my father), I came out messed up as fuck after it all. Being banished from Discord and EHUMA was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it gave me the opportunity to finally step away from CPA and fix my life and get back to my studies, the stuff that truly mattered. Well, when I left Discord for what Was going to be “forever,” I vowed NEVER to return to CPA, or even Discord for that matter. It was for my own good. And I had kept that promise to myself for about 10 months. Almost a year. Again, I do not blame Scars at all for this, but when we talked in September and October again for the first time in a while, he thought I was mentally sane enough to handle coming back to the Doritos to catch up with a few old friends. To be honest, he was right at first. I mean, I was living life like a normal person for 10 straight months, I had really fixed a ton in my real life. I had gotten into a good school, I had gotten my grades way back up, and fixed relationships with my real life friends that had been neglected due to my time in CPA in 2020. I had all my shit in order again, and it felt great. CPA was holding me back. I truly thought I was ready to handle being back on Discord and interacting with former CPA members such as myself, that I used to be friends (and sometimes enemies) with. Before we go down my depressing descent into madness, I want to tell you a good story to come from all of this.

Shortly before I had joined the DCP Discord server, Scars had messaged me telling me that 32op, old DCP leader (back when I was a DCP troop and hcom) had read one of my blog posts and wanted to talk. This was a bit of a surprise to me, since 32op and I had long been on bitter terms back when I was in CPA. To get some context for why things with 32op and I went bad, for one, I left DCP hcom to become 2ic and eventually lead the Romans, and I regularly shit on the Doritos name in chat and 32op’s legacy constantly. I was an asshole basically lol. So we didn’t necessarily like each other anymore. We were friends when I was staff and hcom, but it turned sour. Also, in December of 2020, I mocked him by creating the Nazis of CP and pretending to be him and use his name. It was kinda funny at the time, but looking back now, it’s just cringe. Anyways, we hated each other, and for good reason. So when Scars came and told me in my dms that 32op wanted to talk to me, I kinda freaked out. Also, I hadn’t realized it, but in my autistic state at 2 am in which I had written my blog post where he was mentioned, I kinda slandered his name and called him out for over working his staff, including me, in early 2020 in the CPO-era of CPA. I kinda ripped into him a little too hard, but the mfer took it like a champ. I had one of best and most pleasant conversations with someone from CPA I had ever experienced in a while when I talked to 32op for the first time in about a year that day in October of 2021. Not only was our conversation respectful, but this man, who I had slandered in my blog post, and previously made fun of and shit on, came to me like a friend, and not hostile about some petty drama from a year ago. 32op, if you are reading this, I respect you a ton brother. I appreciate how we were both able to sit down and be real men and set aside our past differences.

So back to where things started going down the gutter, I had joined the DCP Hangout server off of Scars’ emote under my new “j account.” I don’t remember much from the early stages of j, but basically, I instantly reverted back to my old end of 2020 autistic self. I began trolling the dead army relentlessly, insulting people, and being mega racist at some points I think. I will admit, at first it was funny stuff, but then it got old, annoying, and carried to far. To give you some perspective on how far it was taken, I got SO annoying that even my own best friend, Scars, who mind you stuck with me through thick and thin no matter how many times I was outcasted from CPA, got tired of me, and cut ties for a while with me. I think I soon got kicked from the DCP for insulting their staff and what not, and then it really sunk in. I had just joined the DCP, trolled for a few days, just like I used to troll when I was an autistic EHUMA boy, and lost my best friend for about a week or so because I was just THAT unbearable. Yea, I had fixed my life, but instantly reverted to my fucked up self. It was BAD. My behavior was so bad, that a few smart people such as Dino and Africa caught on to me and guessed that j was 54x. Before I go further, I want to explain to you j’s identity and why it was crucial to me that I kept it secret from people, and where I made many mistakes.

So, “j.” was meant to have his true identity (54x) to be protected AT ALL COSTS. I essentially pulled a xxToysoilderxx/Left thing, except it was way less cool. That analogy was a stretch, but whatever. I came back to Discord under a different name for multiple reasons. The first reason being, I didn’t want 54x back in CPA. My name had been rightfully slandered and I had made many enemies, some who took hating me to the next level and actually want my dox. So, I partly hid under this identity for my own safety, and the people who I revealed myself to were notified multiple times that I trusted them, and that they were to either keep my identity as 54x a secret, or at least play along with the “j character.” The second reason was that I honestly didn’t like the name 54x and wanted to spice it up and go under a different name. But, the first reason was the most important reason to me, and I don’t need to explain why. If I were to come back as 54x, the people who hated me would be notified and come after me again.  I really didn’t need that, I wasn’t trying to get harassed over stuff I did in 2020, I was changed man believe it or not. Key word was, “WAS.”

So, after being kicked from the DCP server, and having Scars essentially disown me, I took some time to reflect on my actions. Also, here and there I caught up with a few old friends, some from EHUMA such as Dino, who I had quite a long conversation with. It was quite interesting; he is a pleasure to talk to. But anyways, back to the “j story.” Technically, joining the hangout server of a dead CP Army wasn’t “returning to CPA.” I think that is a fair assessment, as originally, I didn’t return to active service. I simply returned to a server that used to be a Club Penguin Army. So, I had agreed with Scars after a conversation to put j to rest, because we had seen how it turned me into a “monster,” and into my past autistic self. Obviously, j would return, but back and bigger than ever.

I honestly don’t have exact dates and timeframes for all of these events, but I think eventually in November I would return as j. I forgot why, but I think it was because I was doing some research on current CPA. I was curious to see how armies were faring in 2021. I was surprised that CPA was still a thing to be honest. So, I learned that apparently CPAH wasn’t the big controlling army league anymore, and that there were two army leagues, CPAHQ and CPAN, the first of those two being the bigger and seemingly more relevant one. So, somethings had changed significantly since I was last a CP man-child soldier. One of the things that had caught my eye was the activities of an old, well I guess you could say, “friend,” of mine. That being Ronaldo Vargas. Ronaldo Vargas is this young kid who you may or may not heard of. Basically, he is a pretty unsuccessful army leader, and has attempted multiple times to create armies of his own, and revive pre-existing armies, whether it be legally or illegally. Part of his failures back in 2020 were a result of me and Scars. Basically, in Ronaldo’s early days of creating armies, would manipulate the fuck outta the little kid into giving us perms in his army servers, and we would deface the ever-loving fuck out of his servers. We would do typically defacing things like deleting channels and spam pinging @everyone and spamming racial slurs. Ya know, the usual for fucked up teens. So anyways, this all matters because I had somehow gotten wind of Ronaldo’s newest army. This time, he had revived the Celts of CP. I thought it was a hilarious load of bull shit, but I was surprised to learn that it actually had the backing of Celts creator earthing. Wow, this little kid who Scars and I used to bully actually revived a semi-legit CP Army. I was surprised and thought it was too good to be true. So, I found an invite to the Celts server, and joined. Then I let the trolling begin.

Similarly to how I wish I could have turned back from joining CPA and the DCP back in March of 2020, I wish I could have turned back and told myself not to join the Celts of CP, because my trolling there would introduce me to a few people, and introduce me back into CP Armies. So, a few of you may know me for claiming to be “Pink Mafias,” the great creator of the Underground Mafias Army. In November of 2020 all the way until it’s shut down in December of that same year, as 54x I had been 2nd in command of the UMA’s Project Red Winter revival. I had admired Pink Mafias and general UMA history, so I decided to put on an act, claiming to be this great and holy CPA veteran from WAY long ago (2006-2007). I figured I could pass as a CPA veteran cuz working on the Wiki and hanging out with CPA vets all my time in CPA, I knew a ton about CPA history. Scars makes fun of me for being a CPA history nerd, but it is sadly true. I was like a less cool Dino and Rowan, and newgen trash. Anyways, I joined the Celts of CP server with the j account, but under the name and disguise of “Pink Mafias.” Looking back now, I cringe at it because not only was it stupid, but a complete disrespect to the real Pink Mafias and OG UMA veterans. For that, I want to publicly apologize through this blog post for that. The sad thing was, I actually had managed to convince a few people, especially some of the new members of the CPA community, that I was in fact the real Pink Mafias. It also helped that I got a lot of people to play along with the joke. So, Scars and I had joined Ronaldo Vargas’ (now Cosmic Viper) legitimate revival of the Celts of CP, and did what we usually do: trolled him. Well, originally, I had joined as Pink Mafias and asked for advisor, and that I got. But then I started doing a lot of annoying trolling in chat and would eventually be fired and banned from the server later that night because Ronaldo was annoyed. It was in this server that I made a mistake that I was too careless to fix at times. I made the crucial mistake of acting exactly like 54x would. Ronaldo is a young kid, and he was easily able to catch on as to who I really was. Why? Well I partly blame Scars for it, and partly myself. Basically, when we were trolling, Scars brought up something about our defacement of Ronaldo’s Fire Ninjas server from way back in 2020, and I had gotten mad about something that I believed Scars got wrong about the defacement. So, as j/Pink Mafias, I corrected Scars and told him my version of how I believed things went down. Now, how would this supposed CPA vet from 2007 that hasn’t been seen until now know what the fuck happened in some irrelevant army server that got defaced by Scars? Well, that’s the thing., they wouldn’t, only 54x and Scars (the defacers) would know shit like that. So I blew my cover to this young kiddo, and Scars would continuously make fun of me for being figured out by Ronaldo, who is a kid far younger than myself. Luckily, Ronaldo was a goat about it and despite what an asshole I was being to him, and what an asshole I had been to him in the past, he agreed to keep my identity as 54x a secret, and that he did. Surprisingly he was a good kid and didn’t want me to get doxed if people found out I was 54x. Anyways, similarly to how Ronaldo found out I was 54x due to the way I acted, both Dino and Africa had figured it out earlier in October that I was 54x.

Now how did I officially get back into CPA? Well, I wouldn’t really count my time as Advisor in Celts as “Active CPA service,” since all I did was troll using Pink Mafias’ name and veteran/legend status in the community. But, I did get introduced back into CPA through my trolling. How? Enter a guy named Villa. Many of you have probably heard of him. I’ll just get this out of the way now, we aren’t on speaking terms any more, but we eventually would become really good friends. So, on that night I was trolling in Celts as Pink Mafias, Scars had gotten his friends Villa, who as 54x I had never heard of, to join in on this trolling. Villa had previously served in the UMA under me as a 4ic I think, but it was unbeknownst to me at the time that he existed. I was too busy with hcom and EHUMA. He had also been a part of that DCP revival that happened apparently some time in 2021, and served as staff with Scars during that time, and that is where they became friends. Obviously, I was gone for a majority of 2021, so I never joined the DCP revival and served with the two, so I technically hadn’t known Villa at all. Anyways, he also didn’t know who the fuck I was, so in true “stuck up j fashion” I asked him who he was, and to state his army experience. He said he was an UMA veteran or something like that. Since I was “Pink Mafias,” naturally I asked him what year he joined the UMA. When he said Decmber of 2020, I’m not gonna lie that kinda set me off. The fact that he believed he was an UMA veteran despite only joining in December of 2020 pissed me off. Ironic now looking back, as I was literally pretending to be UMA’s founder. But CPA me can sadly be a bit of a hypocrite sometimes. Anyways, I actually started off disliking this guy and finding him annoying. Eventually, since he was Scars’ friend, I figured I’d be more open to him. Plus, he started trolling as Twitchy543 in similar fashion to the way I was doing it, so we began bonding over that. Basically, after trolling all that night, him as Twitchy543, me as Pink Mafias, we bonded and eventually became friends. I even agreed to give him a Wiki page upon learning a bit more about his army history in dms. Originally, I had still not wanted anyone else to know j was 54x, so I acted like I was a messenger to 54x, who would be working on the page. Well, that was a mistake, and I knew I would get caught on to eventually, and soon he learned that j was actually 54x, so I dropped the act and told him the truth. He agreed to keep the secret safe, and he did for all the entirety that I knew the kid. Although we are no longer friends, thanks for that.

And so it began, my friendship with Villa that would last a little over a month. Despite being such a relatively short friendship, I’m not gonna lie we became REALLY close. I felt like I had known him for years. Anyways, I learned a bit about him, and learned that he led this army called the Trojans. Now, I hadn’t learned until later, but the Trojans were the rebrand of the old Skateboarders army. If you remember anything, UMA had big beef with Skateboarders, and associating with them would be something that would make UMA cringe. In fact, they actually did end up cringing at the fact that I would align myself with the Trojans fags. Anyways, it was mid-November, and I had joined the Trojans server as j/Pink Mafias. Eventually, I became acquainted with Trojans leader Ivy (aka otter or ot_ter) and Trojans leader at the time, izuno (aka 4207b). Soon, they offered me the chance to be Advisor of the Trojans, using Villa’s help, and eventually on November 13th, 2021, it was official. I was now a Trojans Advisor under this different name. While I advised Trojans, I became involved with a ton of the top-secret leadership group chats and what not. So, now I was now deep into this stuff, so I technically count my time as advisor in Trojans as active service in CPA. Plus, I eventually ended up attending some Trojans events. So, during my time with Trojans, I became very well acquainted with both Villa and Ivy. Scars had even joined the Trojans staff team before disappearing in early December. So, I was chilling in all of the many Trojans leadership chats, even being added into chats where we discussed the army’s foreign policy with other army leaders. So yea, I would say that I was kind of in full swing back into CPA, just from the shadows for the most part this time. So, throughout my time as Trojans advisor, I got really close with Villa and Ivy. I eventually revealed my identity to Ivy as 54x, and she kept it a secret for me. Although I am also not friends with her anymore, I do appreciate that she helped me in that sense. Now I want to talk about the only time during my return to CPA that I had fun in: The Scars of CP revival.

Call it cringe all you want, it was mostly a joke with me and Scars. The Scars of CP was an “army” I had made as 54x in August of 2020 while I was active DCP hcom. I made it in order to get Scars unbanned from the DCP server. Well, it didn’t really take flight, and was never an official army. So towards the end of November 2021, I thought, what if I, as j, revive this army and lead it with him. So that’s exactly what we did. As a meme, on November 11th, I revived the Scars of CP, and led under the name of “j.” I essentially said that I had got permissions from SCP legends 54x and Scars to revive and lead the army. Well, the “second generation” was a failure and only lasted a few days. It would be the so-called “third generation” that would be the longest and the most fun. On November 16th, 2021, just two days after I shut down the SCP’s second generation, I revived the SCP, but this time for real. Alongside me leading would be Scars, and now my new good friend Villa. This would actually be kinda fun. Yea some might see it as cringe, but I had some good times for the few weeks we kept it alive. From getting straight up ignored in CPAHQ, to getting verified in the irrelevant SMAN league, it was a wild ride. Some of my fond memories was maxing 11 different penguins, and trolling the FUCK out of Celts of CP. We really pissed off Ronny and his sidekick Glitter/Quitter. Making fun of the Celts for consistently maxing 2 was fun. I had my fun with the Scars of CP, because it was a huge meme. CPA is a joke, so I figured why not act like it. I also would constantly advertise and glorify my army in attempt to mock the CPA veterans who truly think their armies are a glorious sight to behold. In reality, we had two events in our whole 2 week run, but I milked the FUCK out of our army and it’s “legacy.” I also kind of glorified my 54x name as j, constantly mentioning and being grateful to 54x for what he has done for the army’s revival “behind the scenes.” In reality, only like 3 people knew 54x was j. The Scars of CP revival lasted from November 16th to November 29th when Scars, Villa, and I decided to officially shut down the army. Why? Well, it was because we had our fun, and I honestly didn’t want to manage an actual functioning Club Penguin army. Plus, I didn’t want the joke to get too old. So, we bullied Celts practically out of existence, troop stole Glitter unintentionally somewhere in there, and had our fun run with the army. Scars, thanks for helping with the roles and server if you are reading this lol.

Now this all seems like fun and games, but where did I make my mistake? Well, the first mistake was just joining back into CPA in general, but the true mistake was joining what essentially was active service in Trojans. I ended up actually attending Trojans events. Yes, the army that I was supposed to fucking hate back in UMA/EHUMA, I was in, advising (providing actual advice too), and attending events. I even recruited one kid, although he left for ACP later lol. I even helped plan a potential war with ACP in secret. All while doing this, I was spending more and more time on Discord like I used to back when I was practically a loser addicted to CPA and Discord back in 2020. In fact, I almost let my grades slip again. How fucking insane is that? I almost ruined my real life AGAIN. Yea, it wasn’t good. Well, I don’t wanna make this blog post TOO long, so I’m not gonna goo too into detail of what happened, but basically, I was back essentially full swing in CPA, and it wasn’t good for my mental health. As cringe as this is, I went back to my autistic trolling self. Yes, the same CPA Battlefield Master that trolled his own army (UMA) and acted really autistic and racist. In fact, my use of racial slurs increased significantly, and I began using even more than I ever did in EHUMA, which is ironic because every other word in EHUMA was the n word LOL. While I’m not offended at all by the n word, I used it quite a lot to be honest.

So how did this all end, and what made me finally leave for real, and why am I no longer friends with Ivy and Villa? Well, to start, basically stuff went on behind the scenes when I took a one-day break from Discord on December 22nd. On the night of December 21st, I was feeling like absolute shit, so I decided to take an unannounced break for one day, and return on December 23rd. Well, when I came back late at night on the 22nd, I found that I was demoted from admin and Advisor in Trojans, and Ivy was pissed as fuck with me. To be fair to her, I did not announce the break, and I was online all night on the 22nd talking to only Scars. Well, needless to say, I still hold my opinion that she overreacted in doing what she did. So, I essentially got fired from Trojans, and then shortly I was kicked when I finally did talk to Ivy. She was not happy with me, and I was kinda pissed she was acting this way to a good friend. This just shows you no matter how close you are with someone, you never know what they can do. I’m just glad we kept it at sour relations and not like a full hate war where we try to dox and harm each other. But it’s safe to say I am no longer friends with her, but these kinds of things happen. As sad as it is to say, I got very close with both Ivy and Villa, but getting kicked from Trojans and making the decision to quit CPA once again was for the best for me. How did things go bad with Villa? Well, he was completely on Ivy’s side, so, that was another friend I had lost. Yea, as stupid as it was, it kind of hurt to lose these guys as friends because I had actually become very well bonded with them, but I’m glad it happened, because I would have stuck in CPA longer. So, we are no longer on talking terms, and relations are sour, but luckily not hostile. It is now early morning on December 27th, and I am planning on officially leaving Discord on my j. account and all of CPA either later today, or on 28th of December. Then, I will finally go back to my real life, to NEVER return to CPA again, and that I mean.

To UMA and former EHUMA guys, I have no doubt if zamb finds this post, he will be showing you guys. Once you guys found out j was 54x, you kept a very close eye on me and my activities in Trojans. Despite making that cringe retirement post on December the 3rd, I stuck around in Trojans as an active advisor, and stuck around in CPA servers such as trolling the DCP and CPAHQ. Towards the end of this month, I was messaged by a few of you guys, and I was sent some mean things, but all with the best of intentions. To UMA and my former EHUMA brothers, I am sorry for once again acting like an autistic retard, and especially for joining the Trojans of CP of all armies. It was a big mistake, and I’m sorry for that. As Games put it, and the general EHUMA consensus was, they didn’t want me to turn back to my old 2020 self. It warmed my heart and caused me to reflect to learn that many of my former EHUMA mates were proud of me for stepping away from CPA and fixing my life, but I let them down by coming back and acting like that. While yes, I don’t need to listen to any of them or impress them anymore, their comments came out of what I believe to be genuine concern. To and UMA veterans or former EHUMA members who may be reading this and know of my activities as j, I am sorry for it all. I hope you guys can take peace in the fact that I am once again leaving CPA, never to return, and to continue living my real life outside of this toxic community.

To Villa, if he even reads this post. We may not like each other anymore, which is fine, and I can live with. My only advice to you is not to live your life in this awful community. Don’t fuck up your life like I have. Good luck to you. To Ivy, if she somehow reads this, I sincerely hope you find help. CPA has been awful to you, leave it at all costs. I know we hate each other now, but I say this as an old friend, LEAVE. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. To Scars, if you read this, you know you will be the one person from CPA I continue to keep in contact with. My best wishes to you.

Well, that’s pretty much it. It’s now 2 am on December 27th, and I’m going to wrap up this blog post that I have written over the course of a couple of days. It might be a little sloppy, but hopefully it is coherent and readable. If you stuck around this long, thanks for reading, I guess. To the Wiki staff team, I once again thank you for letting me publish these blog posts and let this site be a bit of an outlet for me. As for my job here as a moderator, I will continue to check the Wiki and work here. If there is some sort of an emergency that I need to be present for, tell me over my message board and I will log onto j, but I plan on either deleting the account all together, or never logging on to it. So, just tell me to get some form of Discord if you really need to contact me urgently.

To all of CPA, a general fuck you. Don’t let women lead armies, look at Dark Warriors and their all female leadership team. Anyways, I hope CPA dies soon, but whatever, I’m outta here once again. Thanks for reading.

-Fight the bad,


(P.S. fuck you I’m not proof reading this lol, apologies if the grammar or spelling is all over the fucking place.)

(P. P. S. for those of you planning to dox me or hunt me down, if you even care enough, fuck off, I've had my fun and I'm leaving. My j account will become inactive as of the 28th most likely. I will still check it every now and then, and for Wiki emergencies if any should arise.)

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