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Hello again. It’s me. I know right? Again?! This guy just can’t stay away, huh? Yes, I know, but hear me out. I realized I should’ve probably put this in my big blog post I made a few days ago, but I don’t know if it would fit in there. So I’m making a fresh new blog post to write out one last request I have. This will most likely be either my last blog post ever, or last one for a VERY long time. Don’t worry; I’ll try to keep it short.

Before I once again completely slip back into my real life, I have come to request something that has been on my mind ever since I re-read my disgusting Wiki page a few days ago when I kinda came back to look at the CPA Wiki. Yes, I’ll admit it, my personal Wiki page is REALLY REALLY long. I still cringe at it to this day because it is a little cringey. I definitely went overboardon that thing. The only reason I’ve kept the page up is because not only did it take a very long time to write, but because I’ve been praised by many for my thorough and detailed writing style. After all, my long Wiki page and writing style (along with my interest for CPA history) was what got me noticed by the CPA Wiki admins and eventually got me my job as a Content Moderator here on the Wiki. But yes, while I acknowledge the repetition, the huge length, and generally just too detailed and too cringey writing style, it still took me a long time to write and is a big part of my legacy. It tells my story and my history in club Penguin Armies very well, admittedly with some personal bias. So bottom line before I officially get in to my request, I want to keep my original Wiki page in some form.

Now, it has come time for my final request. If anyone reads this, please consider. I would love for someone other than me to write a new page on me. While yes, I already have my own page, I kind of want to see how someone other than me would write my own history. That way, we can most likely cut down on the length, the general “cringeyness,” and eliminate most of the little personal biases. While I definitely do want to preserve my original page, I think it would be nice to have a cleaner page done by someone other than me. If you were to take up this task, which sadly I doubt anyone will (hey I don’t blame ya), you would be able to use my original Wiki page for help on my history. You can also use my huge blog post from May 19th but I doubt that will help too much, unless you want to go into my controversies. Bottom line is, if you want to take up the task, I advise you to use my original Wiki page for help, as it goes into A LOT of detail (too much detail). Also, if I get around to it and check the Wiki page again, you can comment on this post with any questions and if I’m available, I would be more than happy to help you with re-working my page. I can help clarify any questions and help you with my history because, well, it’s MY history. So, TL;DR, I am requesting someone to possibly re-work my Wiki page.

As for my wishes for the preservation of my original Wiki page, I would like either one of two things. If anyone actually bothers reading this and has another possible solution, please tell me. So my first solution and probably the most unlikely one: we can leave both pages up (my original page I wrote and the new one that someone, if anyone, will rewrite) and possibly put some kind of flair on my old one. Maybe a “Just For Fun” flair or another one that would be more appropriate? The second solution (and the one I personally see as the most logical) would be to completely transfer everything from my original Wiki page to my User page on my Bf54x User Profile. If this is possible and not messy, I think it would be suited better to my User Profile Page on the CPA Wiki. Again, this is all riding on the fact that someone actually bother to read this and then wants to help work on a new rework of my Wiki page. Please contact me with any questions or possibly remedies to preserving my original page.

Edit: After writing this I realized a third and better situation. I was able to cleanly transfer my original Wiki page into my sandbox. That solves the preservation of my original page.

So there you have it, my last request and my last blog post for the foreseeable future. Hopefully someone bothers to read this. Rowan might, he’s cool. Anyways, I’m not gonna be too active so I’ll try to check the messages/comments on this post over the next few days if I get the chance. Please, if you do read, consider carrying out this request. I know it might be a burden but I think it would be so cool. Let me know on my message wall or in the comments of this post what you think.

Goodbye for now, and my best wishes to you all.

-54x out!

May 25th, 2021

(Hopefully there aren’t too many grammatical errors)