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Bf54x Bf54x 23 March

A Renouncement of my Blog Posts

Hi all. Don't worry I've got a real short one for you all.

I just wanted to publicly put it out there that I formally renounce everything I have written in my many lengthy and cringey blog posts (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MY SELF-WRITTEN WIKI PAGES POST). I've realized they're AWFULLY written for some time now and just generally cringey the way I write about myself. To my defense in that area, I publish most of these blog posts when I'm bored out of my mind, sleep deprived, and when it's 1 or 2 am.

That being said, a while back after talking with my good friend Zamb, I was contemplating deleting all of my blog posts. He said I shouldn't because although yes, they're VERY cringey, he thought I should leave them up just for the sake of looking bac…

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Bf54x Bf54x 17 March

Public Service Announcement

Hello. Quick little post here.

Remember, if you are not on the Scars of CP legends list, they you are NOT a Scars of CP Legend. Don't put yourself as one.

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Bf54x Bf54x 27 December 2021

My Crucial Mistake - The Tragedy of J

My Crucial Mistake – The Tragedy of J., A Blog Post by 54x:

Disclaimer: Strong language is used in this post. Also, in no way does what I write represent any of the thoughts, feelings, or views of the Wiki staff team. Thank you.

           Hello again friends, and by friends, I mean zamb and Rowan (the only two people who legitimately bother to read these stupid little blog posts I do here on the Wiki). You guys are goats, but anyways, maybe some of you have read my previous blog post. It was titled, “A Foreword,” and in it, I set up this blog post and renounced my older blog posts on this site because they are long and cringey. For this blog post, I am going to attempt to keep it simple and keep the language nice and smooth for you. If I fa…

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Bf54x Bf54x 26 December 2021

A Foreword


Hello again, it is I, 54x. I am planning on coming out with another one of my big annoying blog posts that random people like to cringe at and read for some reason. I will try to keep this upcoming blog post as "uncringe" as possible, as I now know that a majority of my blog posts are like really bad. Like they are AWFUL and unbearable to read. The bias is insane and the language is a mix between a Diary of A Wimpy Kid book and a casual conversation. Basically I'm saying is my blog posts are a cringey mess. To be fair to myself though, I for some reason choose 1-2am in the morning to right them when I am tired and practically high out of my mind. Lack of sleep is a hell of a drug. Anyways, stay tuned if anyone does read this. I …

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Bf54x Bf54x 1 November 2021

The Scars Project

Just a short little note to myself: I will be re-working Scars' Wiki page in a big way. I now realize how much personal bias and anti-DCP/anti-32op slander I put into that page, and it just isn't good for the Wiki. I don't want to have to slap a "NPOV" Template on the page, so I will be working on the page very soon. I hope to eliminate most of my personal bias and definitely cut down on the anti-DCP slander. Please, in the off chance that anyone sees this, do not touch Scars' Wiki page. I will also be adding additional info to the page. It is a project I will eventually be getting around to. Thank you for your time.

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