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Wang Dang Hideout

The Wang Dang CP Gang secret hideout, built in 1957 by wang-dang-gangsters.

Wang Dang Gathering

An early gathering of Wang-Dang Gangsters, where import discussions, trade deals and snowball fights where discussed.

The Wang Dang Gang is a highly efficient and popular CP army led by a mysterious leader. The Wang Dang army has been in existence since 1955, when Queen Elizabeth the second ordered that a group of penguins start wanging and danging as soon as possible. Over time, the wang-dangers grew fed up with their queen and staged a massive rebellion involving the setting free of several enslaved penguins. The result was a powerfull army of badass gangsters, who named themselves the "Wang Dang CP Gang".

Recent the wangers from Nigeria have been using CP to take control of the royal family youth and from there, the Crown. Their motive is of course there past with queen Elizabeth and the sting of her betrayal. The betaral torments her prior second commander most of all who go's by the alias "jack Pearson". The Crown has issued arest warrants for the danggers that are currently planning special ops training missions on music monsters in attempt to break into the Pentagon due to recent rivalry with donald j trump who has spent his small loan of a million dollars on the game and is currently the second highest ranked player after Nick Cage.

This is an example of the special ops team used in the famous 1978 CPW 3 that as you know lasted 16 months and was the starting factor of the disbanding of the initial wangers and split the Wanger's from the Dangger's 's.

That is all in the past now as the wang dang cp gang is now rising like a pheniox fron the ashes to be better faster and stronger than ever! Watch out CP the wang gang is banging and is about to wang a dang a whole lot wangier that what ever has dangyed before. WDGCULT for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gang has now over 5 members and they currently are organising the largest raid the CPR world has ever seen. This raid is said by our informants on the inside to have one of the largest snowballs on cp that is said can only be lifted by the true snow ninja. This snowball could wipe out the entire club penguin island and all public servers.

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