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The War Against Ehroyals was a war between the New Viking Alliance and the Underground Mafias Army which occurred due to the belief that UMA's leader Ehroyals81 was a dictator.


The war lasted a few hours on January 7th, 2018.

War begins

After the war was declared on January 7, it saw a quick end. A swift line of invasions by the NVA into land occupied by the Underground Mafias Army occured. All of UMA's nation was captured on the same day. This was a shocking blow to the UMA, who refused to acknowledge the losses.

Attempted coup of Ehroyals and end of war

Afterwards, Mason Cooper, a UMA 2ic, attempted to coup Ehroyals81 from his rank as leader. This occured due to the NVA's manipulation of Mason and wanting to create a puppet army. However, this failed and the UMA Civil War of 2018 occurred with the New Underground Mafias Army and the Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army fighting against each other for several weeks.


The war was the last time this era of the New Viking Alliance saw success. The alliance would soon die with the outbreak of UMA's civil war. However, by the end of January, UMA was reunited.