Stemming from the Light Troop and Help Force conflict, the War of Imperial succession is a war between the Wild Ninja and Templar coalition vs the Royal Family and Empire of CPO. This conflict had started on a cassus belli of the Royal Family desecrating the name of the Imperial Templar name according to Xing.

Battle for Cream Soda

At approximately 1:00 AM GMT, all 4 armies logged on CPO Cream Soda to battle. At the Snow Forts, the Templar and Wild Ninja coalition encircled the Royal Family and Empire causing them to scramble and most of their tactics to be mostly covered. The Royal Family then used a deception tactic by pressing B at the Snow Forts then promptly moving to the Ice Berg. The coalition eventually found them after a couple of seconds of searching. The battle at the Ice Berg was heated as both armies had performed joke bombs and large formations.

Unknown (3)

Soon after the battle of the iceberg, the Royal Family BW'd and logged off. For extra precautions, the coalition searched for the Royal Family. They weren't to be found.

Battle of Flurry

The battle began at approximately 3PM EST at the Ice Berg. The Templars logged on approximately 30 minutes early as the Alien-Royals alliance logged on 10-15 minutes early. As stated from an onlooker, the Templars had a clear advantage in all three rooms. The Templars had a max of 40+ throughout the battle while the Alien-led coalition had about a max of 25+ in the battle. The Templars soon captured Flurry for themselves.

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