War of Roman Subjugation
War of rs1
Cartoon of the War
Date December 5th 2017 - December 9th 2017
Result Relations with Elm ended,

NVA first victory

Casus belli The belief of EmperorFlame being a "dictator"
Romans - Smurf

RPF- Popsiclebeak, Chip

NVA - Cobra, Mr. Prussian, Ehroyal, Zeke, Elmikey, many more
Romans & RPF - Alot NVA - 20-40
RPF & Romans - Several Territory Lost NVA - 1 Territory Lost
The Victory is a POV

The War of Roman Subjugation was a war when the Romans declared war on the Dark Knight Empire for Emperor Flame being a "dictator". It was called this because The Romans believed Flame was a dictator.

The war

The War was declared on December 5th, 2017 and lasted until December 9th, 2017 where the Romans stopped all relations with DK/DKE and the NVA. When the war was first declared, the new leader of DK, Cobra, made a huge deal with several armies. An URP leader name Doctor Calamus, formed the NVA.Cobra and him both led it. The NVA offically got into the war. NVA kept on growing and growing. It ended up being around 6-7 armies vs 2 armies. The Romans saw victory on 2 battles, Deep Freeze and a skirmish on Blizzard. The other 4 were all NVA/DK victories. The Romans dissociated themselves from the ar after the NVA started relating with the Rebel Penguin Marines. Nobody is certain who won because of this, so asking somebody will more likely be biased.


DK - Cobra

URP - Doctor Calamus

UMA - Ehroyals81, Zeke/Fudge

Romans - Smurf

Redemption Force - Reacon

RPM - Elmikey

Tubas - Mr Prussian

And several others

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