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The Water Ninjas are a historic army, created in July of 2012 by Jayden1092. It went on to compete against the likes of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings, Underground Mafias Army and Golden Troops, and max peaks of 48 penguins.


Written by Annon

The army had humble beginnings when it was started in July of 2012. It can be assumed that Jayden1092 was in charge at the time. It started out defending their servers from other armies.

From here, the archives jump to March 2013 with two posts. One is about getting Top 15 in CPAC. The other is a misplaced message from Jodie, a figure who would be important later in the timeline, who here apparently claimed leadership, although this was "canceled" and her words struck through. See  here:

An early photo from a PB with the CPPC.

In April 2013, many more posts can be found. Reference is made to five wars, with the Global Defenders, Chaos of CP and tacos, which were all lost and one with the snow warriors, which was won.

"Our first war win this whole generation. We’ve lost to Global Defenders', Chaos' of CP and Tacos. We have now beat the Snow Warriors. Thanks for the treaty Snow Warriors'. We' maxed 4 and averaged 4."

The final post hints at tensions with the snowball warriors who might be the same people as the snow warriors,

"Please remember that the war was a loss to you because you gave up 3 'servers' and also I do not want my army which is unprepared to be in a war big war but we will fight if must. We also have a Practice battle"

What happened after is unknown.

The next post comes from June of 2013 and is a brief one about backgrounds.

The army returned again in August 2013, reaching 5th on the SMAC, apparently for two days only, 25th August and 26th.

On the 23rd September, the army returned again there. There were conflicts with the Oranges and the IAE, both fought to victories. The army was active through October, having a war with the UMA, although what happened is unknown

Activity continued through November, although it was defaced and everything deleted early in, the army recovered. On November 27th, reference was made to a lost war, although who with is uncertain. December saw further activity. On the 25th December, the army announced arguably in the funniest way possible new war, "Hello IH we have a wonderful gift for you! Our gift is war."

Two days later, after taking several servers, the Water Ninjas released an annotated version of an IH response to the war:[ ] The Water Ninjas won the war after the IH surrendered all of their servers to them. January 2014 was largely uneventful for the army. On the 4th of February, they declared war on Chaos for fun. What happened is unknown. March and April again passed with general army activities. In May, a war happened and was lost against an unknown army, potentially the Frost Squad. However, after rising tensions, a war was declared on the Frost squad and a treaty made with Chaos. What happened is unknown. Throughout July, the gaps between posts began to widen. Within the opening five days of August, a post was made suggesting it was time for the army to close. Posts continued until the 15th, at which they stop. The army sunk into inactivity as the fourth generation ended. Halfway through September, the army was revived for the fifth generation. It saw activity throughout the rest of the month. The army died again on 11th October, despite reaching 1st within the first week back on SMAC.

On December 29th, 2014, an announcement was made that the army would be returning a final time soon.

This 6th generation was cancelled at the start of February 2015, however on the 18th, an announcement was made that Angel, a long term member of the ninjas, wanted to lead a new 6th generation and on the 23rd, the first event was held, maxing 15 and averaging 12-13. Events continued through February, and through March.

On the 13th March, the RPF planned an invasion of Tundra's server, although they didn't show up ultimately, only for them to raid a day later. On the 27th, a treaty was declared with Air Force. On March 31st, Chaos apparently declared war on the Water Ninjas, although it was just a joke.

Throughout April, normal activity continued and on April 5th, the army hit 3rd on CPAC, a success attributed to a user called Jodie, a second in command at the time. Jodie would go on to be involved in several events and events and wrote several of the event blogs on the website throughout early April.

On April 11th 2015, Jodie was voted as a new leader, but the post crosses out this announcement and has a note saying she will not be a leader. On April 12th, it was revealed that Jodie had been found out for multilogging, considered a terrible thing in the community. She promptly left before she was fired. This scandal damaged the Ninja's reputation.

The army recovered, however, merging with Shadow Reacon on April 25th and again reached 3rd on CPAC.

On May 3rd, the army was defaced by a group involving Max, and apparent leader of WN according to the post. It was stopped by Dan, another member. This was followed with good news however as the army kept its top 3 spot on CPAC, as announced the same day. The chat was attacked again May 3rd, again stopped by Dan [although leader LordNinja managed to distract them with some acting skills]. Normal activity continued throughout the rest of the month.

It is in June that something went wrong. On June 4th, the posts stop. What happened is unknown...

On January 31st, 2016, a potential return was revealed by long serving member Atticus.

On April 3rd, the army returned, only for it to be defaced by a user called Tymatt. This post reveals that the entire website is actually a backup and that everything from June 2015 to that day had been deleted, explaining the sudden cutoff. On April 15th, a lockdown was announced until summer.

No return happened. The army stayed dead, and the next post is dated January 1st 2017, asking who is still active. The comments section sees Jayden [Jai] try to push for a final revival, only to be cut off by Blue. On January 25th, Atticus chimed in saying he was still active. On February 1st, Jai again expressed a desire to try a final time, and a small revival was staged in February only to end February 14th, as Jai finally admitted defeat. The comments paint a picture of melancholy as the army was put to rest.

Throughout March 23rd to 29th, posts were made about it all ending. 

March 23rd- Final retirement of Jayden1092.

March 25th- A post talking about best moments.

March 28th- "My Curse" a post by Jai.

"It came to me. I finally had the realization that Club Penguin was ending. At first, I could truly care less. My life had been preoccupied and I had frankly moved on from Club Penguin. One day, it hit me. My childhood game was coming to an end. The Water Ninjas could never be brought back again and will not be remembered. If only I had this mentality when attempting to bring back the Water Ninjas for our last run. I was at fault for not pushing us enough. I expected the people around me to give more effort when I was slacking. I am the creator yet I was not giving the Water Ninjas my 100% while expecting others to. Throughout my 'army' career, when it mattered most, I couldn’t live up to the standard. Such as the failure to ever reach 1st Place on CPAC. The failure to advance to the final four in Club Penguin Army Central’s tournaments. The failure to prevent the multi logging scandal. The failure to allow recreations that were pointless instead of waiting for one perfect day of coming back. I have failed the Water Ninjas when it mattered most."

March 29th- A final farewell

In February 2018., a revival was staged, only to die at the end of the month. This marked the final revival, although in truth the army died a long time before that, in February 2017.

The army has a complicated history of closures as it did so several times throughout several generations. The official website mentions closures on March 25th 2017 and October 11th 2014 and also had a revival in 2018, although posts for this generation stopped late February of that year. The army has a long and complicated history, which is only now being told.

Original History


SMAC Premier Cup (Wildcards) Water Ninjas vs S.W.A.T

The Water Ninjas were created on July 3rd, 2012 by Jayden1092 (also known as Jai) and his friend Mario, but Mario left the army just a day later. Their first generation had conflicts with the Club Penguin Warriors and the Chiliteckers. They were forced to merge due to a deface. Soon they would return again for a second generation, bringing in a new leader Angel, who was a former Hot Sauce Army leader. They also had conflicts with the Global Defenders and Snowball Warriors. They defeated the Snowball Warriors, which was their first war win ever. A third generation was brought back by Lego, but Jai decided he would take over. After their first week of arrival, they took a spot of 10th on CPAC. During this generation, the Water Ninjas had ups and downs between the CPAC and S/M Army Top Tens. They had very many wars with many armies, these armies include: Brownies, Chaos Army, Light Troops, Watex Warriors, Lime Green Army, Ice Hounds, Redemption Force, the Underground Mafias Army, Greek Sheeps, and the Frost Squad. The Water Ninjas would introduce many leaders into this generation as well, such as Bluex, Bobrules107, Epicorange1 and Son Nav. The third generation ended on August 14, 2014.

The Water Ninjas’ fourth generation was short-lived but was some-what successful. It started on September 20, 2014, and included a new leader named Atticus. They were consistently getting sizes of 10+ and getting first on the S/M Army top tens, but it ended not long after it began.


Club Penguin Water Ninjas training session 8 13 2013

A fifth generation of the Water Ninjas began on February 20, 2015. It was started up by Angel and was soon joined by Gator and Jai. This would be the Water Ninja’s golden generation being the most successful. They started out maxing sizes of 15+ and kept growing. They were getting 5th on the CPAC top ten. They eventually reached sizes of 20-25+ and maxing 30. After reaching their height of the generation Jodie joined the Water Ninjas. The Water Ninjas continued to be successful and reach even 2nd on the CPAC Top Ten. Jodie hurt the Water Ninja’s legacy after she got caught for multilogging, she was multilogging six penguins for the Water Ninjas and she was fired instantly, because of her multilogging the Water Ninjas were subtracted 4 points off of the Top Ten, if this would have not happened they would’ve taken the 1st spot on the Top Ten. The Water Ninjas continued to do well, but not as good as they were doing before. They had CSY assist them with their AUSIA and had LordNinja help them with their UK division, he was later promoted to leader. Sadly the Water Ninjas suffered yet another deface, this deface was done by Max43810. Following the defacement, Atticus rejoined. The Water Ninjas 'final generation would come to a close on April 15, 2016. Many times they tried to come back but it was never successful, the Water Ninjas had their final closure on February 23, 2017.



The Seventh Generation of the Water Ninjas of Club Penguin began on August 23rd 2020. This revival of the historic army was colonized under the Ice Warriors. It was initially led by a team consisting of Ice Warriors hall of fame members, Firestar08 and S Cargo2, alongside former Coup Crusaders leader, Flav. The revival event saw an incredible eighteen penguins in attendance, and started the new generation off with a splash. Soon after the revival event, the Water Ninjas saw the departure of Firestar08 and S Cargo2, leaving Flav as the sole leader of the army. New leaders were inducted to fill the void left by the departing leaders, as Ice Warrior staff members, Semi, PurpleLady05, kayles and IceQueen1020 were added to the roster of Water Ninjas leaders. Under the new leadership the generation was able to average sizes in the low to mid-teens. Eventually Flav decided to step down unannounced from the army, as a result of the September Drop. However, he left the army in the capable hands of the new leaders, who had large goals to accomplish. They eventually reached the number four spot on the Club Penguin Army Hub Small Medium Armies Top Ten. With this great accomplishment brought the retirement of PurpleLady05 as a Water Ninjas leader, as she stepped down to advisor to focus moreso on her life outside of Club Penguin. With the retirement of PurpleLady05 brought the promotion of Ice Warriors leader-in-training, Kally was to leadership, with the goal of bringing the Water Ninjas to the top spot on the small medium top ten. Her goal was not only accomplished, but surpassed as the Water Ninjas sailed into the number ten spot on the Club Penguin Army Major Top Ten. The Water Ninjas maxes began steadily rising, going from the low teens all the way to consistent maxes in the mid to high-twenties. This brought the induction of two more leaders of the legendary army, Ice Warriors staff members, Freedomist and DrQueen.

Water Ninjas in a practice battle against the Water Vikings

With the combined leadership of Water Ninjas, and former leader and legend EpicOrange1 advising, the Water Ninjas were able to reach new and astounding heights. On November 4th 2020 the Water Ninjas were officially given Major Army status by the Club Penguin Army Hub league. They had managed to remain on the major top ten since the 11th of October until they shut down, with their highest placement being 6th overtaking major armies such as Water Vikings and SWAT. This propelled them into a golden age of the Water Ninjas. In their tenure, the Seventh Generation of the Water Ninjas were able to battle and beat out the likes of the Golden Troops, Water Vikings, Island Invaders, Fighter Pilots, Silver Empire and Red Ravagers. The Water Ninjas managed to remain undefeated for 2 months and a half. They even contended with the Rebel Penguin Federation, which was the largest army of the era. Ultimately, at the end of the year the Water Ninjas were ranked 9th in the top ten armies of the year. This generation proved to be historic by successfully beating the size record of thirty-six, breaking it with a size of forty-two penguins online in a practice battle against the Water Vikings. They then went on to beat their own record with a whopping max of forty-eight penguins online which came to be their final event. Much to the disappointment of the community, the Water Ninjas were shutdown on January 13th 2021, due to the end of flash and This generation additionally saw a revamp of the Hall of Fame, and the induction of four new members, Kally, IceQueen1020, DrQueen and Freedomist, to the coveted rank of Water Ninjas Champion. The seventh generation of the Water Ninjas was immensely successful, reaching new peaks and surpassing records set by previous generations, thus cementing it as a legendary generation and a golden age in the Water Ninjas history.


  • Jai |1st Leader, Creator of Water Ninjas
  • Paulwag | 2nd Leader of WN
  • Johnny2006 | 3rd Leader of WN
  • Baku988 | 4th Leader of WN
  • Jai | 5th Leader of WN
  • Angel | 6th Leader of WN
  • FriscoPolice | 7th Leader of WN
  • Blaze | 8th Leader of WN
  • Japan | 9th Leader of WN
  • #Greeny | 10th Leader of WN
  • #Skyfish |10th Leader of WN
  • Jai | 11th Leader of WN
  • Bluex75 | 12th Leader of WN
  • Greeny | 13th Leader of WN
  • Dancer5118 | 14th Leader of WN
  • Skyfish | 15th Leader of WN
  • Bluex75 | 16th Leader of WN
  • Poke | 17th Leader of WN
  • Bluex75 | 18th Leader of WN
  • Angel | 19th Leader of WN
  • Carl | 20th Leader of WN
  • Orange | 21st, Leader of WN
  • Jason | 22nd Leader of WN
  • Bluex75 | 23rd Leader of WN
  • Skyfish | 24th, Leader of WN
  • Angel | 24th Leader of WN
  • Atticus945 | 25th Leader of WN
  • Brax | 26th leader of WN
  • Angel | 27th leader of WN
  • Gatorfan999 | 28th Leader of WN
  • Jai | 29th Leader of WN
  • LordNinja | 30th Leader of WN
  • Kyle103 | 31th Leader of WN
  • Flav | 32nd Leader of WN
  • Kayles | 33rd Leader of WN
  • Semi | 34th Leader of WN
  • IceQueen | 34th Leader of WN
  • Purple | 34th Leader of WN
  • Kally | 35th Leader of WN
  • DrQueen | 36th Leader of WN
  • Freedomist | 36th Leader of WN


  • Jayden1092
  • Angel
  • Bluex75
  • Carl
  • Atticus


  • Water Ninjas were one of the strongest Card-Jitsu armies.
  • Water Ninjas won the award for best SMAC Small Medium Army of the Summer in 2013.
  • On June 28, 2013, WN got their first CPAC Rank, 10th .
  • Water Ninjas highest maxed was 48.
  • Water Ninjas used White House as their capital server in Generation 1, 2 and 3.
  • In later generations, Cold Front was the heavily occupied Capital of WN.
  • Water Ninjas had a PB with the Army Republic (then a major power) and tied it.
  • Jai was the creator and longest-tenured leader was awarded SMAC, SMAP and CPAC S/ML Army egend.
  • Skyfish was one of the most influential leaders who can hurt your feelings with his words.
  • Carl was the only Legend to be of owner rank but eventually became leader.
  • The Water Ninjas won the SMAC Winter Wonderland Finals against Light Troops.
  • The Water Ninjas are one of few armies to be involved in CP and CPR warfare
  • The Water Ninjas was placed 9th on 2020 Top Ten Armies of the Year.


To learn more about the Water Ninjas, you can visit their past two websites listed below. [An old website they used from July 2012 to April 2015]