The Winged Hussars is an army formed on January 6th, 2019. The army was formed of ex-Templar high commanding officers who fled to create their own army. They were explicitly against actions of Xing, which at times were considered dictatorial like and racist. They are currently part of the NVA and are currently in a war with the Templars.



The Winged Hussars was created by ex-Templar high commanding officers, mainly leaders. They left Templars after tensions between EGCP and Templars was rising. They left due to Xings actions. They first began with the name "Holy Army of Jerusalem", but changed it to Winged Hussars.

Templar Exodus (Jan 12, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019)

The Winged Hussars played a big part in the Templar Exodus. They were responsible for having Templar troops turning on Xing and joining them. They also took part in raids on Templar events. Templars raided them during the war as well.

Defacing (Jan 25, 2019)

On the night of Friday January 25th The Winged Hussars were victim to a defacing, after one of the leader's accounts was taken over. This resulted in them losing around 60% of their members and them moving to a new server. Despite this setback so early on in their history, Hussars are still active.


Winged Hussars use a specific uniform for their events, with little variation allowed. They are always seen wearing the red hockey jersey, ice skates, white hockey helmet. One of their most notable part of their uniform, are their wings, but these are optional in the army due to difficulty obtraining them


Winged Hussars do a variety of events on CPR and Penguin Lounge. While they do ordinary events, which they name after various battles of the real-life Winged Hussars, they also do tournaments. They do tournaments in games like Cart Surfer, Sled Racing, Card Jitsu, and Find Four.



Winged Hussars have a Discord Server and a Website

Discord -

Website -


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Winged Hussars during a Battle (Defense) Vs Wild Ninjas in 2019.

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