Wcp flag
Full Name Wizards of CP
Founded April 9, 2012
Status  ?
Government Monarchy
Size 5 soldiers
Famed For Nothing yet

Wizards of CP is a really, really young army on Club Penguin. It was founded on April 9, 2012, by User:Feey1. Currently the army only has one server, and close to no soldiers. To join the army visit their website:

Their government is a monarchy, and their current king is Feey1. Feey1 will resign from his position, and give to someone else when he retires.


The WCP is a monarchy (ruled under a king or queen). The king has complete control over everything that goes on in the military, and can command anyone but the citizens.

The WCP has a different view on CP Army government than other armies. The WCP sees that whenever some player is on one of their servers, it makes that player a citizen of the WCP Kingdom. This makes the population vary.

The WCP is located on the server Big Foot, which is their capitol. Until the army grows large enough, they will only be located on that server.

Allies & Enemies




  • Big Foot



  • On their website medieval music plays in the background.
  • Even though it's not their server, WCP sometimes recruits on Abominable.

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