Club Penguin Army Wiki

World War I (also known as the Color Wars) was the first known war to occur on Club Penguin. Snowball fights have been occurring on Club Penguin ever since Club Penguin was created in 2005. However, it wasn’t until around the middle of 2006 that Club Penguin Armies made their first appearance. The first armies were based on colors. People would simply log onto Club Penguin and battle each other. These series of battles fought by these armies are what we call today World War I or the Color Wars.

The Color War armies also known as Color Clans were unorganized armies since they had no central location to receive information like on a website, forum, or a chat. World War I was sparked by the 2006 Sports Party. The party included the release of the red and blue hockey outfits in the Sport Catalog, this led to rivalries between the people who bought the red jersey and people who bought the blue jersey. It is said the war lasted until early 2007, when the first official armies such as the ACP began gaining popularity.

The War

The war started in 2006 during the Sports Party of 2006. These fights would happen in the Dojo, the Stadium, the Town, and other places at the time. Oagalthorp, the ACP founder and legend was seen during the war under the Blues. The battles weren't as organized until a member of the Reds came around and became the Red clan leader. His name was Korn. He would mainly fight against the Blues, who were the second biggest faction of the war. Afterwards, it is said Korn was couped by the Reds. The Reds began to die and so did the other colored clans. There is no official winner of the war.


The war had a huge impact. It set the stage for new Clans and new armies. Other color skirmishes would happen throughout Club Penguin, but not as large. There is only one currently known veteran of the wars still in communication with people from the army community, by the name of Pilgrimm.