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World War VII, also known as the Second Great Holy War in the Templars' war timeline, was a world war from July to August 2018, initially starting between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Templars. Later down the road, the war would evolve into its second phase, that being the United Armies of Club Penguin Online against the Red Dawn Alliance, leading to the war to be renamed to World War VII. The war was very controversial at the time, as it was also taking place during the Summer 2018 CPOAL Tournament. The war's victor was declared to be the Red Dawn Alliance, but the RPF contested the victor until 2020, where it became accepted within the RPF as a loss.


Prior to the war, a big gap was spread between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the small/medium army community. Conflicts such as the Great Tuba War and the War of Roman Subjugation showed the angst the small/medium army community had against the de facto RPF monopoly on Club Penguin Rewritten. With this, armies such as the United Republic of Penguins began to spearhead a new era of anti-RPF beliefs. Overtime, more and more movements to combat RPF occurred, most notably the Rebel Penguin Marines after Elmikey was couped from the RPF on December 7th, 2017. The year 2018 secured RPF's isolation from the rest of the army community after refusing to take part in the Club Penguin Army Syndicate project. Top figures such as Elmikey, Xing, Clemont4, Cobra, and Security expressed their hatred of the RPF army. Spring 2018 saw a big migration from Club Penguin Rewritten to Club Penguin Online. By then, the Rebel Penguin Marines were closed, and merged into the Templars. By summer 2018, a big peak occurred in army activity after the foundation of the mostly hands off Club Penguin Online Army League. Armies such as the Templars and RPF began to rise in size. However, the most threatening to the RPF monopoly was the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, which with the new Portuguese servers on the CPPS, rose at an extremely high rate. Their sizes would match RPF's sizes during the war.


The war started in July 7th, 2018 and ended August 3rd.

Stage one of the war (July 6th, 2018 - July 24th, 2018)

Before the war, there was a small conflict between the Templars and the RPF on July 6th, 2018. This conflict was unintentional. The Templars were having an event and the RPF switched rooms and attacked them. The overall motive of this was unknown.

Declaration of war and first actions of war (July 7th)

The war was declared on July 7th, 2018 due to a spy that goes by the name of Silverburg, who is a RPF legend. They noticed a strange pattern in the troops and believed one of the high commanding officers was multilogging. The information was brought back and the war was declared. It is also believe a motive of the declaration was the RPF administration's distaste for Elmikey, Templars leader. After the declaration, conflict was very small. Actions included spying on events of the Templars by the RPF. No true activity started on July 7th. On July 8th, the RPF began to watch over a practice battle with the Templars and The Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. On July 9th, the RPF raided a Templar recruiting event, censoring them completely. Later that day, the Elite Guardians released a meme video, teasing at a possible declaration of war against RPF from EGCP. The war began to kick off.

Operation Dynamis

A plan created by the RPF known as "Operation Dynamis" was launched to spy on the Templars army. The operation was to "fire" RPF second-in-command Plane, and have him flee to Templars to be hired as a high commanding officer. This was successful, as he was welcomed into the Templars. However, nothing damning was found, but it was still leaked onto the RPF site. Plane was fired and the Templars responded afterwards claiming that they did not multilog.

The Tuesday Raids (July 10th, 2018)

On July 10th, 2018 the RPF raided a Templar recruiting event. This raid was fought hard by the Templars, but resulted in a RPF success at disrupting the event. The raid lasted for around 40 minutes. Despite RPF's success, the raid was humiliating due to the Templars strong efforts at holding off the RPF. Later on that day, at the night time of June 10th, the RPF attacked a group of Pizza Federation soldiers who were having an event. Cobra, a PZF advisor and Templar second-in-command called Templars to reinforce the PZF during this raid. However, more and more reinforcements came to help out the RPF against PZF and nearly tripled in size. PZF members were also being banned for unknown reasons. This would cause the Pizza Federation's leader, Chelpopkick, to declare war after the battle.

New declarations of war (July 10th - July 24th)

On July 10th, 2018, the Pizza Federation declared war on the RPF after RPF's raid onto a PZF event. RPF attempted to make claims on July 10th and 11th to defend themselves, but these were ignored. A few days later on July 13th, 2018, the Hawk Knights of CP declared war on the Templars. UMA would soon follow. Both never took action. 9 days later on July 22nd, 2018, UMA was banned from CPOnline. They were unable to continue in the war. 2 days later On July 24th, 2018, the Club Penguin Socialist Movement voted to join the war against the RPF. It was a successful vote and they sided with the Templars. Behind the scenes of this time, a new alliance was forming against the RPF.

Stage two of the war (July 25th, 2018 - August 3rd, 2018)

The Red Dawn Alliance was formed on July 25th, 2018 by Edu14463, Cobra, Cookky2, and Xing to fight the RPF. It was able to hit over 50 (with over half consisting of EGCP and a third being Templars) on a joint event, suggesting a potential turned tide of the war.

Joint invasion 8.png

Turning point (July 27th)

On July 27th, a large Templars event was being held after the leadership of Templars was assumed by figures such as Reacon and Epic101. The RPF attempted to raid this event, but was shockingly held back by the large force of Templars. A large fight began on 6:50 PM GMT and went on for half an hour. The fight moved from several rooms such as the Iceberg, Cove, and the Town on the Alaska server. Both sides claimed victory, however a claimed "unbias viewer" watched over the raid, concluding Templars were successful in the raid at holding off the RPF due to their size. After he declared Templars the victor, he was banned in the RPF chat with their claims being "anti-RPF". Afterwards drama began to show up in discord chats claiming that Epic was using his moderator powers to increase Templars' size. RPF did not post about the raid, causing speculations that they did not want to claim defeat.

Templars 1.png

The United Armies of CPO and Omegas (July 31st)

Throughout the war, the new army Elite Trackers & Activities began to increase relations with RPF. Relations reached an all-time high when RPF and ETA joined together to form the United Armies of CPO. The Templars were soon banned by CPO and were kicked out of the alliance. Following this, the Omegas army joined the RDA.

RPF cheats at battle (July 31st)

The RDA and UAC agreed to hold a formal battle on Flurry. The battle lasted 30 minutes and spread across several rooms. However, drama began to show up as RPF soldiers joined rooms before the scheduled times, upon orders of RPF leader, Left. With this, the battle became an automatic RDA victory, giving great morale to the RDA. It is estimated that the both sides had at least 70 each, with EGCP and RPF making up most of each alliances side.

RDA before RPF cheated.

End of the war (August 3rd)

On August 3rd, 2018, the RDA scheduled a raid against the RPF. The raid's success was debated, but shortly afterwards, conflict emerged with Club Penguin Online admins, with several armies being banned from CPO. Afterwards, many armies would leave CPO. RPF would then make claims that RDA disbanded after it was defaced by Epic101. However, it was proven that RDA did not disband and continued in private chats.

RDA after RPF cheated. (Sized dropped by ~40)

Drama over the victor

RPF and RDA both claimed victory, however, the fate of the war looked more likely in RDA's side due to them winning more battles and being able to turn the tide of the war at the end in their favor. Speculations to RPF's claimed victory was their alleged ego, which is present in many anti-RPF beliefs. However, the war was recognized by the CPA wiki as a RPF victory after deciding there was more scenarios of RDA's victory than RPF's victory, citing "If August 3rd wasn't the end, then August 15th was. Though most signs say August 3rd was the end, it couldn't have been. RPF was unable to claim victory due to the reasons: They lost most battles and the CPO CPPS was attacked. But, if you remove the scenarios, the war indirectly didn't end. RDA never surrendered and UAC never did either. Neither were banned from the CPPS too. So, indirectly the war lasted til RPF's end on August 15th, 2018. So all scenarios that are based on facts put RDA in victory." This concluded the wars victor, but RPF would continue to deny their loss claiming RDA did not make any more shots at RPF. However, by 2020, RPF began to recognize the war as RDA victory, confirming it's victory.


After the war, more and more drama would continue in Club Penguin Online armies, setting a precedent, which would cause the armies to leave the CPPS and league overtime, splitting the community. RPF would then engage in a war against the Pirates after drama between RPF and the Pirates circulated. Despite this, the RPF disbanded on August 15th and became multi-gaming, but was defaced. They would return later in fall 2018 and was bullied heavily by former RDA armies.


The war is recognized as the Elite Guardians' rise to a super power, as they reached sizes of 60 at the peak of the war and only dropped to 50 by the end of 2019. The war is also recognized as the biggest war of CPPS armies to date and the first CPPS era loss to RPF. This war would set a precedent of future conflict against the RPF, however none would reach the size of the war. This war would help confirm the legend statuses of Xing (which would be disputed later on), Edu14463, Cookky2, Cobra, and Popsiclebeak.