Known For
Gender Male
Current Ranks
Status Active
Location Korea, Seoul

Yorkielvr333 is a soldier in many CP Armies.



York joined Club Penguin in November 2007. She played normal Club Penguin right up until April 2008, where she made a YouTube account.

In December 2009, she started making videos. About 2 months later she discovered CP Armies and signed up for the Nachos and became a Trooper.

She was a good soldier in the Nachos, and she also went to this place called the Club Penguin Wiki. There she made an attacking group called the Mwa Mwa Attackers that terrorizes babies on Club Penguin.

MMA is pretty much dead now, but she made her own army, the Werewolves of Club Penguin.

She then made an ally request at the Green Guards site and then she signed up to join GG. She is now a general.

Then she made a friend on Nacho chat, Mcnuggetboy, and she joined his army, the Nuggets, and she is currently a lieutenant.

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