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Zeke/Fudge, more commonly known as Zeke and formerly known as Fudge Doge and fudgedoggo, is a retired army leader, well known for leading multiple S/M armies during the early history of CPPS armies, as well as being credited as one of the founders of CPPS armies.


Zeke started playing Club Penguin in 2012 and first joined armies in 2013 when Waterkid recruited him into the Light Troops. He was on and off in LT from 2013 to 2015. He joined CPA again after it was announced the CP was going to end. He joined his old army, LT and they won the Legends Cup. Zeke revived the UMA with Ehroyals81 on March 28th, 2017.


Zeke has led several armies in his career in CPA, but his first was the UMA. He revived the UMA with Ehroyals81 on March 28th, 2017. Their first war started on the same day, against the CPR Mafia. The UMA maxed 7+ in the first battles, defeating the CPRM. Zeke would go on to max 25+(Multlilogs included)in the UMA, leading by himself. He started the Barbarians as a colony of the UMA, hitting good sizes and making the CPRAC top ten. He left the UMA a few months later and joined the Redemption Force for 4ic, eventually getting leader in a short time. He would go on to max 15+ leading the RF. The Redemption Force eventually died of inactivity and he revived his old army, the Barbarians. He hired He-Man to lead (he eventually left the army community after he was accused of multi-logging). The Barbs maxed sizes of 7 but eventually died of inactivity. Zeke joined the UMA again and maxed 15+. The UMA then became the Romans and Zeke led them to sizes of 7+ before leaving. Bret had revived the UMA again, as he had left the Romans also. The UMA declared war on the Romans. The New Viking Alliance was formed. The armies were: UMA, DKE and Tubas. The URP, RPM and RF were also in the alliance but they didn't attend any invasions or defenses so they were irrelevant. The alliance ended up maxing 20+ and the NVA easily defeated the Romans. The Romans surrendered after we took Deep Freeze, Blizzard and Abominable from them. Zeke left the UMA after the war and joined the DKE for 2ic. The DKE died and they turned into the Pink Ninjas, where Zeke was hired as leader. He led with saRy and yikes tbh. Security then recruited Zeke into the RPM, where he was hired by Elmikey as 3ic. Zeke left the PN when he joined RPM. saRy joined the RPM for 2ic. saRy then defaced the site and left. Security left the RPM and Elmikey restarted. SavageCobra then remade the DKE again and he hired Zeke as 3ic. Thomas hired Zeke as 3ic in the Club Penguin Crew on December 28th and was promoted to 2ic in early January 2018. He joined the URP again for 4ic in December. On New Years 2018, or January 1st, 2018, Zeke revived the Barbarians for their third generation. He hired SavageCobra as leader, Games as 2ic, former Barbs veteran Beaner as 2ic, Beast as 3ic, Treelocks as 4ic, Big Sec for Big Sec and other member ranks. In early January he joined the Federal Penguin Elites as 2ic but then stepped down as advisor. On January 12th, 2018 he joined the Revolutionary Assault Militia for leader. On January 13th, he merged the Barbarians into the Club Penguin Crew. Later in January the Crew died so he left and briefly rejoined the Romans as 2ic, maxing 15+, before going to the Dark Knight Empire to lead it for the 2nd time where he hit sizes of 10+ leading alongside Cobra. After the DKE died Zeke joined the UMA for the 6th time in early February. He hit sizes of 15+ leading with Ehroyals and Games. After the UMA died he revived the ACPR where he maxed 10+ before it dying off because Zeke left for the CP Crew to lead the US division for the 2nd time. He maxed 15+ leading with Security but unfortunately Security killed the army and Zeke went to the newly revived Water Ninjas, where he got 2ic. He was also given 2ic in SWAT. He led the Water Ninjas to 15+ and got leader in SWAT until he left because it was inactive. Then Zeke and Xing revived the Red Cavaliers where Zeke led the army by himself to sizes of 15+ and got #1 on SMAN. Zeke got Legend in RC and then got Owner of the army. The RC continued to rise under him as he kept hitting 15+ and beating armies in wars like SWAT and HKCPlic of Penguins, where he was once an iconic figure in their formation and early days in June 2017.


Screenshot 51.png

Zeke revived the UMA with Ehroyals81 on March 28th, 2017. The same day they declared war on the CPR Mafia and won the war in early April, just a few days later, maxing sizes of 10+ against them. Zeke and Proditor led the UMA to 25+, the most anyone besides RPF has maxed in the CPRA community. The UMA had recruiting problems and they soon went back to maxing sizes of 3+. In April Zeke also founded the Barbarians with McRib and Movamp. In June/July-ish due to the lack of recruits Zeke left the UMA for the first time to join the Redemption Force for 4ic, eventaully getting leader and hitting sizes of 15+. During his time in RF he gave his wordpress account to Security to deface the UMA site. See 'Defaces of UMA' below. Zeke made a deal with Security that if he gave his wordpress account to Sec he was soon give him 2ic in RF. Security ended up leaving RF not soon after, also defacing the new RF site. Since Sec left Zeke got leader in RF. The RF eventually died due to inactivity and low troops counts, and Bret offered Zeke his leader back in UMA, and he accepted. During Zeke's 2nd tenure in the UMA he led the UMA to consistent sizes of 15+ and 12+, hitting 3rd on the CPRAC Top Ten. Zeke left the UMA again a few months later due to lack of troops again. This time he revived his old army, the Barbarians. He hit sizes of 7+ with the Barbs and when they died he join the UMA yet again. Then the UMA soon turned into the Romans, with the same UMA leadership. After the first event Ehroyals left the army. After hitting sizes of 15+, Zeke soon left the Romans also. He joined the UMA again. In December, after Games too had left the Romans, the UMA declared war. The Romans soon surrendered after the UMA and DKE took all of their servers. After the Romans war, Zeke left the UMA for good and hasn't returned until early February 2018 when he rejoined and maxed 15+. He then left again not soon after because the army became corrupt. He did expose them for multilogging for the 2nd time, the first being in early July 2017 when he left the UMA for the 1st time to lead the Redemption Force. He left the UMA later in February and eventually it died off due to lack of troops and motivation. Zeke would later help revive UMA June 30th, 2018. The army failed and maxed 20 later on, due to one of the leaders. Zeke would claim credit and be debunked. His UMA would then collapse.

Redemption Force

The Redemption Force in August 2017.

After Zeke left the UMA for the first time he joined the RF for 4ic and eventually got leader. The RF was revived by Reacon around June 2017 and Zeke joined for 4ic when he was still leading UMA, because he knew he would leave. When he left he got 2ic and eventually got leader in RF, maxing sizes of 15+ leading alongside Reacon, Chris and Lego. Zeke stayed in the RF for a while but eventually left the army because of inactivity and lack of troops and motivation. The RF would only get 3 people on the chat, no troops would come on and the army was dying and everyone knew it, so Zeke left and eventually joined the UMA again for his 2nd tenure.


The Romans under Zeke in October 2017.

After Zeke joined the UMA again after the 2nd generation of the Barbarians died they soon turned into the Romans because Ehroyals wanted them to. The new Romans were backed by DJ and Serpent, so they were good to go. The Romans maxed sizes of 7 under Zeke, and the rest of the founders of the generation. Ehroyals left the army after just one event, one he didnt even attend lol. He revived the Romans because he really wanted to, but he ended up not even attending an event and leaving the army right away. Zeke stayed for a few more events maxed 7+ and eventually left to join the UMA again. He did rejoin the Romans after he left the Club Penguin Crew for 2ic. He served in the Romans for a while until he left for the UMA, in which he got banished

The Barbarians performing Zeke's classic E+Q tactic during an event in August 2017.


The Barbarians showing their appreciation for Big Sec.

Zeke first made the Barbarians with McRib and Movamp on April 24th, 2017 as a colony of the UMA. The Barbs would max sizes of 3 and 4 in their first gen and they ended up dying as Zeke left for the RF. After Zeke left the UMA for the 2nd time he revived the Barbarians, hiring He-Man and Fluo as leader. He hired Beaner as 3ic, Jedi as 4ic and eventually Sports as 2ic, so the Barbs were looking great. They would go to max sizes of 7 and go down a notch, maxing sizes of 5, 4 and 3 in the following events. The Barbarians ended up dying in August. The 2nd gen lasted from July 27th, 2017 to August 14th, 2017. On January 1st, 2018, Zeke revived the Barbarians for its 3rd gen. He Cobra as leader, Barbs veteran Beaner and UMA leader Games as 2ic, Beast as 3ic, Treelocks as 4ic and Kelly as 1st lit. They later had their first unscheduled event back, maxing 7+. On January 13th, the Barbarians merged into the CP Crew.

Rebel Penguin Marines

The Rebel Penguin Marines in December 2017.

After he left the UMA after the Roman war he joined the RPM for 3ic. The RPM would go to max sizes of 15+. The RPM were revived again by Elmikey in December because he didn't want to get his leadership back in RPF, he wanted to destroy the RPF altogether. So far the RPF hasn't payed the RPM much attention and the RPM are still planning to keep attacking the RPF and defeat them. On January 11th, 2018 the RPM came back from weeks of inactivity and maxed 9 at an event on Oasis. Zeke left the RPM on January 13th, 2018 after the Barbarians died.

Dark Knights

Zeke's classic E+Q tactic on display during a DKE event in December 2017.

Zeke first joined the DKE in late April/ early May for a 2ic/3ic role, as Flame gave him and Ehroyals owner on the DK xat. The DK was go on to max sizes of 6+ in May and eventually they just died of inactivity. The DK came back in late November and Flame was back. SavageCobra came to lead and in early December Zeke got 2ic in the army. The DK would max sizes of 7+ and they eventually died out later in December. But that didn't stop SavageCobra from reviving the army on Boxing Day 2017, or December 26th. Zeke was for no reason demoted from 2ic to 3ic, but he still was in the army. The DK would only max sizes of 5 and they died again on the 31st. Cobra would go on to lead the Barbarians under Zeke. He did soon rejoin the DKE in February 2018 after he left the UMA for the 5th time. He is currently leading the DKE.

Club Penguin Crew

Zeke's classic E+Q tactic on display during his first event with the Crew.

Zeke joined the CP Crew in December because all his other armies atm were inactive. Thomas hired him as 3ic. He quickly left a big mark on the army, as the Crew would go on to max sizes of 15+ and 20+ under the leadership of Thomas. In early January 2018 Zeke was promoted to 2ic in the Crew, and not soon later promoted to US Leader. On January 13th he merged the Barbarians into the Crew. In late January Thomas gave the ownership of the Crew to Aru, who then foolishly gave it to Security. Security then killed the Crew and make a fake one, called the Crew Empire. Zeke left the Crew when Security took over and made it a dictatorship.

Red Comrades

The Red Comrades performing Zeke's classic E+Q tactic during an event in June 2017.

After Xing's first 2 armies died, the Valkyries and the Comintern, he created the Red Comrades, keeping the communistic sort of approach. He gave Zeke leader and hired good ranks. The RC were a colony of the UMA and most of their troops were in the UMA. They would go on to max sizes of 6+ under the leadership of Zeke and Xing but they died when Zeke joined the RF.Achievements



  • UMA Leader x7


  • Club Penguin Crew Leader-in-Training
  • Club Penguin Crew Empire Leader
  • Barbarians Leader x4 + Legend
  • Elite National Force Leader
  • United Republic of Penguins Leader
  • ACPR Leader + Legend
  • Redemption Force Leader
  • Romans Leader
  • Dark Knights 2ic
  • Pink Ninjas Leader
  • Federal Penguin Elites 2ic
  • Red Comrades Leader
  • Rebel Penguin Marines 3ic
  • Red Comrades Special Forces Leader + Legend
  • Red Cavaliers Leader/Advisor
  • Blizzard Warriors Leader/Advisor
  • Dark Knights Leader x2
  • Dark Knight Rebellion Leader + Legend
  • CPR Clones Leader + Legend
  • RAM Leader + Legend
  • Daedra Thieves Leader + Legend
  • Miners Leader
  • Bendy Troops Leader + Legend
  • Cocoa Warriors 3ic
  • Cryptic Spies 2ic + Legend
  • Rangers 3ic
  • Thugs 4ic
  • Bandit Brothers Leader
  • Light Troops Veteran


(Note: These legend status's are not recognized in the community and most are self declared)

  • Legends Cup VIII Champions (Light Troops)
  • CPRAC S/M Army Tournament Champions (UMA)
  • Leading the UMA to victory in the UMA-CPM war (March-April 2017)
  • Leading the UMA to victory in the War of Roman Subjugation (December 2017)
  • Leading the Red Cavaliers to victory in the RC/SWAT war (March 2018)
  • Cryptic Spies Legend
  • Barbarians Legend
  • Red Cavaliers/Red Comrades Legend
  • EHUMA Legend
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